Source Filmmaker: How to Run on Linux or Proton

A simple guide to use SFM on your favorite Linux System.


Actually Installing It

Unlike trying to use other Windows applications or games with Steam’s Proton Layer. SFM will not appear in your library if you have it in your library.

Instead, it works more like Team Fortress 2 in a library sense and some other Free to Play games.

Simply, install it like how you would for a first time. Go to the store page and install it.

Making it Compatible [Method 1]

So, now that it’s installed, you’re going to want to get it compatible. Well good news, and you have 2 options!

So, assumingly your using the most up-to-date Proton, which at the making of this guide, is Proton 7.
Set your launch options.

PROTON_USE_WINED3D=1 %command%

Now, it should work just fine. Install your SFM assets and you should be good to go!

Making it Compatible [Method 2]

So, maybe Method 1 didn’t work or you want to try out Method 2 just cause.

Then, go to your SFM’s properties window,
click on the Compatibility tab on the left of the window.
Click the checkbox that says “Force the usage of a compatibility tool” and click on Proton 4.11-13.

You will not need any launch options. Have fun!

Optional Font “Fix”

So, maybe text in SFM doesn’t look the greatest and sometimes slightly unreadable, well, there’s also a fix for that!

Although, this time you will need a specific tool called ProtonTricks[].

When you click on Source Filmmaker, it will warn you that you are using a 64-bit Wine-prefix, it’s safe to ignore and it does not matter in this case, and you’re only installing more fonts.

It will bring up a window thats named “Winetricks – choose a wineprefix”
By default it should be on “Select the default wineprefix,” if not, click on it
and then click OK to proceed.
It should bring up another window asking what you would like to do with the wineprefix, click on “Install a font” and proceed.

From there, click on “allfonts” and let it do it’s thing, it may pop up windows several times warning you of the same 64-bit Wine-prefix warning message, it is safe to ignore but do click OK to let it proceed.

Concluding Messages (And explaining Launch Options order)

And now, you got SFM working within Linux. Congratulations!

But, before you go on about your daily life, you may need more launch options by some chance.

I’d recommend you research the Proton Github Page to see some popular commands like


To explain how order they are supposed to be ordered, follow this example(s)

PROTON_EXAMPLECOMMAND=1 PROTONEXAMPLE-COMMAND=1 SystemExample=1 SystemExample=1 %command% -example -example2
Proton Commands/System Commands/Steam Commands %command% Game Options

Proton Commands/System Commands/Steam Commands are to be set before Game Launch Options with a “%command%” after the Proton/System/Steam Command list you have set.

Now, you are done with the guide and your SFM is ready for your creativity, have fun!

Thanks to munoida for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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