Source Filmmaker: Compiled list of Weapon Model Names

Here are all items TF2 in SFM.   SCOUT Scattergun – c_scattergun, v_scattergun_scout, w_scattergun Force-A-Nature – c_double_barrel Shortstop – c_shortstop Soda Popper – c_soda_popper Baby Face’s Blaster – c_pep_scattergun Pistol – c_pistol, v_pistol_scout, w_pistol, shell_pistol Lugermorph – c_ttg_max_gun, w_ttg_max_gun Winger – c_winger_pistol Pretty Boy’s Pocket Pistol – c_pep_pistol Flying Guillotine – c_sd_cleaver Bonk! Atomic Punch – […]

Source Filmmaker: How to Get Gmod Faceposing 2021

This guide will show you how to get the gmod faceposing effect in SFM   Install Crowbar and Blender Source Tools Go to these links and read the directions on how to install them: Here’s the link for blender if you don’t have it: Open the model Go to where you decompiled […]