Space Crew: Equipments Guide for Your Ship

A guide on what equipment to put where in the Space Crew game.   Equipment for your ship Equipment kits. On the placement of rifles, medical supplies, extinguishers and space suits. Having played dozens of missions this is my recommendation on what equipment to get. This will be assuming you can afford this with the […]

Space Crew: All Enemy Types (How to Operate)

This is an unfinished guide which outlines the different enemy types and how they operate. Any help regarding formatting or information is welcome. Just send me a friend request and comment on my profile that you came from this guide.   Enemy Types Light Fighter Earliest of the enemy types that are in encountered in […]

Space Crew: Keyboard Controls

A quick rundown of the keyboard controls, since the game doesn’t tell you.   The controls Space Crew is not great at communicating its controls, and there is no manual. This is a quick & dirty rundown of what I have gathered from reading the Steam forum and from in-game experimentation. Number keys 1-6: each selects […]

Space Crew: Beginner Tips & Tricks

There are many different things to try out & different ways to play, so I can’t cover everything… Even in the Runner Duck team, we all use very different approaches when playing through the game. – so please add your own to the thread – I’d be really interested to know what’s worked for everyone […]

Space Crew: How to Edit Currency and Research Points

This guide will show you how to Edit your Currency and Research Points   Finding the Folder Containing your Save File Finding the Save File is similar to that of Bomber Crew It is located in the AppData Folder C:\Users\YOURPCNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Runner Duck\Space Crew If you cannot find the AppData Folder click on the “View” Tab at the […]