Space Engineers: How to Setup my Executor Class Super Star Dreadnought

This is a guide for people that have not used my Large Builds on the workshop and how to setup every important system that will need to be optimised and tweaked to get the best performance for battles and PVE.


Bridge Scripts
Firstly you need to setup the main scripts in the Command Tower of the Executor, this is a simple step because all you have to do is turn on all the programmable blocks that is renamed with the following

– “Shield Display”
– “IOS Enhanced Security System”
– “Programmable Block(Alert)”
– “Turret Status Reporter”
– “Ship Inspector”
– “IOS Enhanced Production Management”
– Floor Plan Script
– Ship Integrity Monitoring

The last thing that you have to do activate on the command Bridge is the Weapons Banks located on the main Flight Seat, you just have to press all of the slots that say off, on the hotbar #1 to “on”

that is all for the command bridge

Activating Movement Systems(More Complex)
This section explains how to activate the movement systems via the security system that is placed on the ship in case of an intruder.

– firstly find the screen on the command bridge that shows something that looks like something from Iron Man and go into the J.A.R.V.I.S Programmable Block, activate the PB.
– secondly, you have to override the security grid in order to access the movement/propulsion systems and then activate it.
– when you have overrided the security grid, go to the main flight seat and activate the main propulsion systems

Activating Hyperdrive Systems
This section is a repeat of the last section explaining how to access & override the security grid in order to activate the main Propulsion Systems, this is the same but you have to activate the Main Hyperdrive System which is a completely different group to the MPS. Follow and Repeat Section 2 again.

Activating the Airlocks
this is the most important and life saving system that you have to activate before taking your helmet off , in survival mode, all you have to do is to go into the main flight seat, press K and find the airlock script, activate the Programmable block and then take off your helmet, all of the rooms should pressurise and you will be safe.

Configuring Shields
This Sections is about how to configure the ship’s shields to fit your liking and make it more durable against attacks from any projectile weapons, energy weapons and EMP Weapons, this could be very useful for some people in need of having the best shield for a fight in Space Engineers.

Firstly, Find the Shield Modulator Group or one of the many modulators that are present on the ship, you will see a slider bar that says the percentage of the damage resistance that will affect the shields, i recommend puting the energy way up higher at around 150%.

then test it out and there will be the results right in front of you.

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