Space Engineers: Thruster Damage Range

This is a list of all of the vanilla Space Engineers thrusters and their damage range. I saw many guides in the past all showing different results, so I decided to test it for myself.   Atmospheric Thrusters Small Grid – Small Atmospheric Thrusters: 1 Small Grid Block Small Grid – Large Atmospheric Thrusters: 4 […]

Space Engineers: Planet Map 3D Guide

This guide covers the set up of the Planet Map 3D script, as well as detailing the various commands and features of the script.   QUICK SET UP Load this script on a programmable block. Put the tag “[MAP]” in the name of the block where you want the map to be displayed. If the […]

Space Engineers: How to Change Gravity

Space Engineers is a sandbox game about engineering, construction, exploration and survival in space and on planets. Here is a quick guide to changing planet and moon gravity.   Step-By-Step Guide 1. Make a backup of your save file (Save’sName). Place it somewhere you’ll remember. Maybe even make a dedicated Backup folder.The backup is made […]