Space Otter Charlie: 100% Achievements Guide

A Guide showing you how to get all Achievements in Space Otter Charlie.


Hello fellow Otters! This guide will show you how to get every single Steam Achievement for Space Otter Charlie.

General Achievements

Fur’s Not Enough

Upgraded your suit with 4 thrust, shield, or slide upgrades.

Simply upgrade your suit with any of the thrust, shield or slide upgrades and you will get this achievement. These upgrades can be mix and matched meaning you do not need 4 upgrades of the same type.


We Can’t Do This Alone!

Recruited a friend to help colonize space.

Once you return from Valencia, Jesse will ask you to come and speak to him about a new invention. You will now be able to recruit the following settlers to join you on the ship.

  • Asteroidea – 50 Energy
  • Jeff – 75 Energy
  • Seymour – 125 Energy
  • Wadsworth – 150 Energy
  • Lucy – 150 Energy
  • A Moray – 125 Energy
  • Granny – 200 Energy
  • Captain – 100 Energy
  • Gwen – 150 Energy
  • Icy Bear – 250 Energy
  • Chad – 350 Energy

————————————————– ————————————————– —

Social Creatures

Talked to 4 rescued colonists aboard the R.A.F.T.

Once you have recruited at least 4 colonists listed in the previous achievement you simply need to talk to them in the living quarters at the bottom of your ship.


All Aboard!

Beamed every colonist aboard the R.A.F.T.

To do this you just need to have recruited every colonist. Once you have completed the Story once you should have enough to recruit all of them. The total cost of recruiting all colonists is 1725 Energy.



Collected 80 space crystals.

You will get this achievement just by progressing through the Pallas Asteroid Mine. You just need to destroy the boulders around the level.


Who Needs a Gun?

Destroyed 30 enemies without using a gun.

The best way to do this is to use the Electric Slide upgrade from Orbital Station to destroy the red slug things on Plato Station. There are lots of them crawling on the walls on this level so you can probably do it in one run through.


Sneaky Otter

Discovered 10 hidden areas.

Hidden areas are often just behind a glowing vent or past a button you need to press to open the doors. As long as you check the map before you leave a location you should be able to visit every area including the hidden areas. Some hidden areas can be in locations that show as explored so you just need to be thorough in searching each of the locations.


Blasted Pancake!

Got crushed to death, Ouch.

Easiest done in the Valencia early on in the game. There are large black and yellow blockers that will crush you between the wall in the bottom right section of the map as shown below.


Otter Space Traveller

Unlocked all the levels on the galaxy map.

You will get this by discovering all the additional locations that can be found in some of the levels that would otherwise not be found if you just focused on the story objectives.

  • H.M.S. Tomcat – Story Location
  • Orbital Training – Discovered at H.M.S. Tomcat
  • Valencia – Story Location
  • Gordon Science Labs – Discovered at Valencia Station
  • Plato Station – Discovered at Valencia Station
  • Pallas Asteroid Mine – Story Location
  • Celestial Sanitation – Discovered at Gordon Science Labs
  • Erebus Science Labs – Discovered at Pallas Asteroid Mine
  • Toasty Tunnels – Discovered at Pallas Asteroid Mine
  • Blobageddon – Discovered at Erebus Science Labs
  • Tornado Labs – Story Location
  • Verituf Tech – Story Location

————————————————– ————————————————– —

Future History Buff

Competed 2 full data log entries.

When you open the Data Logs screen (Tab) you can see the Data Logs you have collected. The yellow icon beside the name of the log will be full when you have found them all. You will also see that each log is separated by a dotted line in the log itself.


Otter Blotter

Otters are awesome! Learn the facts.

When you have collected all the Data Logs you will get this achievement. To help you find any missing Data Logs, you can check out this Guide for all the locations of them.

————————————————– ————————————————– —

Fashion Statement

Build a custom space suit.

This can be done very early game with the 2024 Space Suit Blueprint picked up on HMS Tomcat. Once you have a Blueprint for any suit you just simply build it at a Build Bot.


Furry Fashion Plate

Built 5 custom space suits.

There are 6 Custom Suits you can build each with their own unique weapons. You can see what they look like and where to find them from this Guide here.

————————————————– ————————————————– —

Welcome Back, Otter

Start a new single player game after having finished the game.

This achievement is as simple as it sounds. Complete the game once then start a new game.

Weapon Achievements

Armed and Furry

Built your first Lazor. Pew, Pew!

You will get this achievement very quickly as it is during the tutorial stage on the HMS Tomcat. You cannot miss this as you cannot progress without getting it.


I Meant To Do That!

Killed 15 enemies with reflected shots.

This should not take long, simply use your Reflector Ray once you have built it and kill 15 enemies.


Otter Modder

Upgraded one of your weapons.

This achievement is very easy. When you find a blueprint for a better version of a weapon you have, you just need to build it. Weapon upgrade blueprints and their locations can be seen below.

  • Spreadshot Lazor – Gordon Science Labs
  • Quickshot Reflector – Valencia
  • Smart Missile Launcher – Erebus Science Labs

————————————————– ————————————————– —

Fully Loaded

Upgraded the Lazor, Reflector, and Missile Launcher.

You just need to upgrade each of the mentioned weapons just once.


Destruction Crew!

Destroyed 200 boulders.

This achievement simply requires you to destroy 200 boulders of any size. The large boulders can only be destroyed with the Missile Launcher. Boulders can be found on Pallas Asteroid Mine.


Take That, Snackers!

Destroyed 3 Pixel Cat spawners.

You will get this at Verituf Research Labs in the upper section of the map, there are several of these spawners around.

Location Achievements

Out of the Dark

Turned on the lights aboard H.M.S. Tomcat.

You will get this achievement very quickly as you cannot progress without turning on the power on the Tomcat. The switch is located on the far right of the Bridge.


I’m not a Rodent!

Defeated the A.R.E.S. aboard the H.M.S. Tomcat.

To defeat A.R.E.S. you need to land on each of the 4 sides to allow the lasers to lock on then jump off before they manage to shoot you. After each of the 4 sides are damaged you need to repeat the process while destroying the additional enemies that are spawned for each side.


Bank Shot!

Made a bank-shot to open a door on Valencia Station.

You will get this achievement the first time you use the Reflector Ray. All you need to do is shoot a surface that reflects the shot around a corner to hit a button.


Eye Win!

Defeated the ghost of Captain Gregg on Valencia Station.

Captain Gregg is relatively easy to beat, you simply need to shoot him when he is vulnerable. Each hit will hurt him for 1hp when his mask is lifted. Using the Reflector Ray to hit him in the back of the head where his helmet is damaged will hurt him for 5hp. After defeating all the ghosts he spawns he will lift his visor and attempt to shoot you. His fight has two phases, both are essentially the same fight.

You can use the Pink Suit’s unique weapon to deal additional splash damage to him even if he is not vulnerable. Not sure if this is intentional or a bug but worth exploiting if you are struggling.


Hotter Than an Otter

Escaped firey death on Pallas Station.

Once you reach the end of Pallas Station you will have to navigate through a firery path while destroying large boulders with your Missile Launcher. Once you reach the end you will get the achievement.


Keep Up the Good Work, Prevent Accidents!

Investigated Project 1138 in Erebus labs. Lived to tell the tale.

This achievement is very simple. Once you have activated the button to release Project 1138, jump to the right wall and shoot any weapon to destroy every blob.


I’m Dizzy!

Built the Spinshot and escaped Tornado Labs.

Tornado Labs is a story location so this achievement is unmissable as you cannot progress without having made the Spinshot.


I’ll Form the Head

Power up the Verituf MEGA Bot!

At the end of the Verituf location you will be able to power up the MEGA Bot. This is part of the main story objective and therefore cannot be missed.


I said, I’m NOT a RODENT!

Defeat A.R.E.S.v2.0 with the Verituf MegaBot.

This is a relatively difficult fight but your main goal is just to avoid as much damage as you can while dealing as much to him. There are shield replenshment pickups on the asteroids around him but on his final phase he will destroy those so make sure to be around full health as much as possible.

Multiplayer Achievements

There is only local multiplayer in Space Otter Charlie so to obtain these you will either need to have somebody join you locally or if you have a controller and keyboard you can use both to have one of the players do nothing while you win the games for the achievements.

So Urchin!

Finished 15 matches of “So Urchin!” multiplayer mode.

All you need to do is finish 15 matches in the So Urchin game mode, not necessarily win them. To win you just need to grab the purple or yellow Sea Urchins that spawn in every so often and bite them to break them open.

If you do not have another person to play with locally then you just need to use both a controller and keyboard to make it appear as if there are two players.

Furious Furball

Finished 10 matches of “Furry Fury” multiplayer mode.

All you need to do is finish 10 matches in the Furry Fury game mode, not necessarily win them. To win you just need to reduce all the other players Shields and Health to 0.

If you do not have another person to play with locally then you just need to use both a controller and keyboard to make it appear as if there are two players.

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