Spellinkers: Mage Generals & All Skills Guide

Information about all skills and Mage Generals, and a tip on how to increase your Spellinkers’ damage against homunculi and pyramids.


Ritual Skills – Increasing DMG agains enemies

The elements play a big role on the damage calculation. When a Spellinker attacks an enemy of the same element (i.e. fire vs fire) the damage is reduced by half. On the other hand, if it attacks the opposite element (i.e. fire vs water), the damage is increased by 50%.

The opposites in this game are quite simple: FIRE is opposite to WATER and EARTH opposite to WIND
And that’s all. Any other combinations (i.e fire vs wind) are neutral, with normal damage.

Ritual skills are the most basic skill of all your Mage Generals, and they are very helpful to increase your damage. That’s because at lvl 3 they will give an elemental advantage to ALL your Spellinkers against enemies of the opposite element of the skill.
For example, Fire Ritual lvl 3 will make ALL your Spellinkers do 50% more damage to water enemies – this includes also water pyramids (the blue ones). And since fire Spellinkers naturally do 50% more damage to water enemies, Fire Ritual will increase their damage against water by 100%.

Each General starts with a Ritual Skill of his/her own element, but you can learn Ritual skills of the other elements as you level up, which is generally a good choice. These skills also reduce the casting cost of your Spellinkers (lvl 1) and increase their HP (lvl 2).

Here is a table with all ritual skills, so you can plan which Mage General is best suited for the next battle:

Mage Generals – Skills and Attributes

Before each battle, on the World Map, you can chose the gender and element of your Mage General. On each battle you summon a new Mage General that always starts at lvl 1, and can evolve up to lvl 20. On each level up you will be able to chose a skill to train.

Depending on the gender and element of the Mage General that you chose, the starting skills and the attribute bonuses will be different. Here is a list of all Mage Generals. The elemental Mage Generals (fire, water, earth and wind) always start with a Ritual skill of his/her own element. Mage Generals will also give bonus attributes to their favorite units (Spellinkers of same gender or element).


There are also two special Mage Generals that start with more skills and benefit more types of Spellinkers.

Skills List

Each time your Mage General level up in battle you will be able to chose a skill to train. Skills are shown randomly on the level up menu, and you may chose 1 of 3 options. These options may contain a new skill (lvl 1) or an upgrade of a skill that you already have (lvl 2 or lvl 3).
Sometimes a skill won’t be of any help on a certain stage (i.e a Slayer skill for a type of homunculus that the enemy doesn’t summon on that stage), but nonetheless, you can always adapt your gameplay to the fit the skills that you get.

Sometimes you can build a Mage General that is better at casting spells; other times, one that is good at summoning spellinkers or destroying pyramids, or maybe a well balanced General. It all depends on the skills you get and chose. Luck is meant to be a factor in this game.

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