Spelunky 2: How to Reach 7-1 (Step-by-step Guide)

Here is a easy and reliable Guide to Reach 7-1.


Steps for 7-1

Step 1: In 1-2/1-3 You Need to Get the Udjat Eye and Continue Onward to 2-1

Step 2 (Jungle) Go To The Jungle Area and Start Placing Bombs when The Eye Starts Flickering, Go Through the Opening and Rather Steal or Buy the Hedjet from The Shopkeeper

Step 2 (Volcana) Get to The Lava Area and Find Something That Looks Like a Drill, Use the Eye To Activate it and Climb Down, There Might Be Lava in your Way so You have to Wait it Out. Go To The Red Opening and Take The Crown

Step 3: Get to 3-1, Defeat Olmec And Grab The Ankh and Proceed to 4-2

Step 3 (Optional Route): Cycle Through the First Phase and Take The Tide Pool Door.

Step 4: In 4-2, There is an Excalibur at the Bottom, Pick up The Excalibur and Proceed to 4-3

Step 5: Find an Opening and Get To The Bottom, Grab the Trap Totem, Die and Then Go down To The Secret Opening.

Step 5 (Optional Route) Find an Opening and Get to The Bottom, And then Follow this Tutorial by Mezian:

Step 6: At Abzu, Get To The top Through The Opening and Get Down to Kingu, Start Slicing until Kingu Dies.

Step 7: After Killing Kingu, He drops a Scroll, Pick up the Scroll and Proceed to 6-2

Step 8: Go Through a Opening and Use a Hint from The Scroll To pick The Right Vase Thing

Step 9: In 6-3 The Vase Will Hatch into Your Own Pet Qilin, He has Very Low Health So You Need to Protect Him Into 6-4.

Step 10: Use The Qilin to Fly Up and Dodge all The Traps, Once at The Top, Take the Ship and Arrive at 7-1.

Step 11: Profit

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