Spelunky 2: The Shortcuts Guide

This guide will explain how to unlock all three Shortcuts.
But just note it does contain spoilers, read with at your own risk!
It also includes a quick tip from me. 🙂


The First Shortcut

— Shortcut 1 —

First, you’re going to have to beat Level 1-4. (The last level of the first area.)
The first thing you need to give Mama Tunnel is $2,000 money. Which is very easy to get.

Next you need to give her 1 Bomb. Again, this is easy to get. Since you start with 4 Bombs.
(Unless playing Multiplayer, in which case your supplies are split with each player.)

Lastly you’ll need to give her $10,000 money. This is slightly harder, but still pretty easy.

After those three, you’ll have yourself the first Shortcut! Which will send you to Level 1-4.
Which is very useful because you can choose to either go to the Jungle, or Volcano.
(The Jungle is the exit to the left, the Volcano is the exit to the right!)
Also, quick little tip, in my opinion, the Volcano is easier, and more fun than the Jungle.

The Second Shortcut

— Shortcut 2 —

First, you’ll need to complete level 3-1. This is where things get a bit tricky.

(If you already have beating Level 3-1 down, you can skip until the space.)
This, is Olmec. A real boss. If you have 4 Bombs, here’s an easy way to beat
the level. Run all the way to the right side of the map (Don’t climb the ladder.)
but make sure Olmec isn’t following you. Next, place a bomb in the the corner,
next to the start of the ladder. Pick it up and place it back down, then step back
so you don’t get blown up. ( If you didn’t know, picking up a bomb and placing it
back down will change the explosion radius, This works in Spelunky 1 and 2.)
Then place another bomb in that pit you just made. (Do the pick up and place down
trick for every bomb.) Then, do a THIRD bomb at the bottom of the pit. (You may
need to place a rope to avoid dying.) And lastly, place the forth bomb at the bottom
again. If you did it correctly, you should be able to go into the door on the right side
of the level. This will bring you to Level 4-1 and this is also where Mama Tunnel is.
(If you’ve unlocked the first Shortcut.)

Finally, step 2. Mama Tunnel will first need 1 Rope. Which is pretty easy.
Second, she’ll want a Weapon. (The shotgun worked for me.)
And lastly, she’ll want a ride. (I used a Rockdog, but I think any ride will do.)
And congratulations! You now have unlocked the second Shortcut! This
Shortcut will bring you to the second layer of Level 3-1. (The one you had
break down to, normally.) This is a huge help. Because you can now go
all the way to the right side of the level, and go to the Ocean area, OR…
You can bomb down another layer, and go to the Pyramid area. Both
of which are Level 4. In my opinion, Ocean is safer. Though Pyramid
is more fun! (Because it’s a tad crazy, and the enemies are cool.)

The Third Shortcut

— Shortcut 3 —

First, you’ll have to beat Level 4-4. (Pyramid, or Ocean, doesn’t matter.)
This will lead you Mama Tunnel, if you unlocked the second Shortcut.

First thing she’ll want, is $50,000. Yeah, it’s a bit much, but if you start
from Level 1-1, or use the first Shortcut, it should be pretty easy.

Secondly, she’ll want a Helping Hand. Which in-case you didn’t know,
are the helpers you can purchase from shopkeepers, or get from opening
Coffins that you’ve already earned the character from.

And lastly, well… I haven’t gotten her the Helping Hand yet.
But I think I will soon! So don’t worry and I’ll update this as
soon as I know what she wants! (Yes I could probably just
look it up, and I mean, you could too! But I’m trying to learn
everything myself. As it’s more fun and rewarding for me.)

Quick Tip

This is a quick tip about Olmec.

Start by using the second Shortcut. Now, go to the right until
you reach the 6th pillar. (In the background.) Jump and place
a Rope near the pillar, (Either side of it, or right in-front of it.)

Now climb to the top, you may need to jump a few times.
You hear that? Yeah. That’s Olmec. He’s coming down to
crush you. But don’t worry, move away when he’s smashing
the last layer, and boom! You can fight Olmec as much as
you want, by using the second Shortcut.

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