Spirit Hunters Infinite Horde: Basic Guide to New Hunter

Guide to help new Hunters get started on their adventures with Spirits.


Main Menu

You just launched the game.

On the main menu you will see four options:

START: Selecting this will start the game.
OPTIONS: Selecting this will open up the Options Page.

* Full Screen (On and Off)

* Master Volume ( Adjusts the overall volume for everything)
* Music Volume ( Adjust the volume of the games music)
* SFX Volume ( Adjusts the volume of the sound effects)

* Delete Save ( Permanently deletes your saved game file. * CAN NOT BE UNDONE *)
— You will basically start over with all your progress LOST FOREVER.

CREDITS: Selecting this will bring you to the Credits Page.

Lists all the people who worked on the game and others who contributed.
* See if you can find me somewhere. 😉

QUIT: This will close the game completely.

You will be missed when you go, – well not by the Spirits.
* But you should take a break every now and then for health reasons.

Divinity Web

You pressed START and are now looking at the Divinity Web.

Here you will find Two options and the Divinity Web:

START RUN: Selecting this will open the Character Select Screen.
ORACLE: Selecting this will have the Oracle give you some wisdom.

* Who is the Oracle?
— The figure on the left side of the Talent Web. (everything else is a mystery)

DIVINITY WEB: This is where all the things you can unlock reside.

Your goal should be to unlock everything.
* As you do you will become more powerful (think of it like leveling up).

— TIP 01 – A good strategy is to unlock the pet system as soon as possible.
—- (Pets can hugely change the outcome of your hunting, unlock them all)

— TIP 02 – Another good strategy is to unlock all the weapons.
—- (The more weapons you have the more options you will have when hunting)
—- (Just like weapons, unlocking all the Heroes will also give you more hunting options)

— TIP 03 – Another good strategy is to unlock Leveling Skills.
—- (Any skill that increases your Experience Points or Resource Currency)
—- (Things like, Loot Magnet, Increase Soul Drop Rate, Mine and Chest Speed Increase)

Leveling Up

UNLOCKING ALL THE THINGS: Heros, Skills, and Weapons Oh My!

As you start unlocking the Divinity Web and moving your way out you will notice a few things..
*There are resource requirements to unlock stuff and even some kill requirements.
— Pay attention to them so you know what to focus on, on your next hunt.

RESOURCES: Hearts, Gold, Souls, Runes, Crystals and More.

* Little Red Hearts (They give you health)
— The more you pick up the longer you will survive.

* Gold Coins (This is one of the things chests, crates and bosses drop).
— This is only used when you are hunting to buy stuff from the Shops.
— You will find Shops while hunting Spirits.
—- (All gold coins will disappear when your hunt is over)

* This is what most Spirits drop when you destroy them (This is how you gain experience points)
— They are only used when you are hunting to level up your hunter
— The number you require to collect to level up increases with your level up
—- They also sometimes show up in shops

* Blue Square Stones (This is one of the things mostly chests, crates, bosses and shops drop).
— This is the main and most common resource currency used to unlock things on the Divinity Web
— You want to get as many of these as possible (the more the better)

* Purple Crystals (This is one of the things mostly mine nodes, bosses and shops).
— This is a rare resource currency used to unlock major things on the Divinity Web
— These are harder to get and not as many when you do (more valuable over Runes)
—- Major milestones on the Divinity Web require these

EMBER CORES (Hard Mode Only)
* Orange Fire Core (This is one of the things mostly chests and bosses drop in hard mode).
— This is a ultra rare resource currency used to unlock game changing things on the Divinity Web
— These are way harder to get and very few drop (only available in hard mode)
—- Mostly found in the outer area of the Divinity Web

Character Select

WHO WILL YOU BE?: A Child of the Vine perhaps?

On the Character Select screen you will be able to choose your hunter and starting weapon.

CHARACTERS: Pick your hunter.

At the very top you can select which hunter you would like to use
* As you unlock more hunters they will appear in this area
— Check out each hunter that you have available (they all have different stats and abilities)

WEAPONS: Pick your starting weapon.

At the very bottom you can select which hunter you would like to use
* As you unlock more weapons they will appear in this area
— Check out each weapon that you have available (they all have different stats and Synergys)
—- The Synergys also changes depending on what hunter you select (check them all out)

— TIP 01 – MANGUS somewhat heal focused
—- ( Pro ) A lot of health consuming options
—- ( Con ) Average Speed and Health

— TIP 02 – VIVIAN somewhat level focused
—- ( Pro ) A lot of level raising options
—- ( Con ) Average Speed and Health

— TIP 03 – CONRAD somewhat tank focused
—- ( Pro ) Very High Health
—- ( Con ) Very Slow Speed

— TIP 04 – MAXINE somewhat farm focused
—- ( Pro ) Very High Speed
—- ( Con ) Very Low Health

Map Select

WHERE WILL YOU GO?: Desert, Highlands or perhaps Dark Forest.

On the map Select screen you will be able to choose which map you will explore.

MAP OPTIONS: Normal or Hard.

Challenge Levels
* As you progress as hunter and kill certain bossed you will unlock harder challenge modes
— The skulls on the bottom right side of the screen has three skills
— They become selectable when you unlock them
— First skull is Normal Mode and will already be unlocked
— The next skull unlocks Hard Mode
—- Hard Mode is required to collect Ember Cores (Needed For High Level Unlocks)
—- Lastly the final skull will make Hard Mode look like a walk in the park (coming soon)


In Hard Mode and up randomly generate curses plague the maps for an extra challenge.
*There are also multipliers that give a bonus for the Resource Currency you collect.
— Normal Mode has no curses
— Some Maps have higher multipliers based on their difficulty

DESERT: Sandy desert dunes terrain.

A good amount of open environment (dessert like Spirits – beware the wasps)
* Easier to locate mines and chests
— The fist map in this area does not need to be unlocked as it is you starter map
— There is another map you can unlock in here (explore the Divinity Web to find it)

HIGHLANDS: Grassy small village terrain.

An environment with buildings and walls (medieval like Spirits – beware the chickens)
* Great for hunters that know how to unitize obstacles
— You will need to unlock this map (explore the Divinity Web to find it)

DARK FOREST: Eerie forest terrain.

An environment dense with trees and cemeteries (spooky like Spirits – beware everything)
* Both challenging to traverse but also healthy rewards for your efforts
— You will need to unlock this map (explore the Divinity Web to find it)

Lets Play

GOOD HUNTING: Time to step out into the unknown.

All Games have a 15 minute timer.
* During that time you need to explore the map
— Hunt down all the Spirits and collect their souls to level up.
— Pick up hearts to improve your survivability
— Pick up Gold to buy things in shops
— Collect resource currency to unlock more potential for your hunter
— Beat the final Boss when the timer runs out
— Go to the Divinity Web unlock more things to improve your hunter (and do it all over again)
—- The more you unlock the more powerful your hunter is (and the easier time you will have hunting)

BUILD UP YOUR ARSENAL: Collect more weapons and pets.

Every time you level up you will be able to select more weapons and upgrade them.
* You can have a total of four weapons and once picked your locked in (So pick wisely).
— You will also have the option to upgrade your selected weapons.
— Each weapon upgrade has multiple options to pick from which will randomly revolve
— You can collect a total of five pets
— Each pet has a special skill or buff that helps you in some way
—- Pets are a great way to supplement any weakness your hunter may have


You should be actively looking for these and opening them when every you area able to.
* They will be scattered all over the map
— To open a crate all you need to do it smash it.
— To open a Cage, Chest or Mine Node all you need to stand near it for a certain amount of time
—- You will notice a circle being created on the ground (Once completed the item will open)
—- If you step out of the circle while it is being summoned it will start to desummon

MINI BOSSES: Not good enough to make the cut as a normal boss.

Don’t let that fool you though some of them have an extra surprise for you
* They come in all shapes and sizes, have different movement patterns and health.
— Its not uncommon for multiple Mini bosses to be on the screen at the same time
— After you put them to rest they will drop a purple spirit chest (make sure you open it)
—- Most of them drop all the things (in hard mode even more things)

BOSSES The baddest Spirits of them all

Kill them or be killed, these are the only two options then the timer clocks 15 minutes
* At 15 minutes a Spike Cage Arena will pop up and you will face the Final Spirit of your hunt.
— They come in all shapes and sizes, have different movement patterns and health (and surprises).
— While you are battling the Spike Cage Arena will slowly start to get smaller
— Do not walk into or let the cage spikes touch you, unless you have a death wish (you will die)
—- Some Bosses will play dirty and push you into the spikes when you least expect it (very SUS!)

Thanks to VasG1 for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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