Splitgate: Best Setting and Tips

In this guide I will show you best settings for Splitgate and tips that might help!



All settings are temporary and can be changed at any time. This guide will help you with what are some good options to use and what are not. Make sure you find out what suits you best and if you want to go back to default just click “Restore Default” option. If you have any additional tips, make sure you share it in the comments with others.


Display Mode

– More focused on game
– Background apps has lower priority
– Might help increasing FPS


or if the resolution of your monitor is different, use that resolution

Resolution Scale

100.0 in most cases or if you experience frame drops you might want to lower it a little bit


Should always be maxed out (in this case 103.0)
– You can see more around you
– The wider it is, the sooner you can see enemies coming from sides, from above or below

Frame Rate Limit

Maxed out because this game doesn’t take much power
If you experience frame drops or screen tearing then cap it at your refresh rate


No real benefit having anything lower than whatever the max your PC can run at
Unlike in other games where you can see through bushes if your Textures/Rendering is low, this game doesn’t have anything similar
If you prefer lower settings for FPS then lower everything down except View Distance which may help you to see further
Lower settings, higher performance, unless you have good enough PC to run at higher settings and have good FPS
If you want to see clearer through portal you can set “Portal Quality” and “Portal Frame Rate” higher but it’s optional


Input Device

Keyboard & Mouse or Controller
Depends on what you are using

Enable Blood

Personal preference
You might want to turn it off if you experience some frame drops

Play Killcam

Personal preference

OFF – Never show killcam
HIGHLIGHTS ONLY – Show killcam sometimes/Only if it counts as highlight
ON – Always show killcam

Horizontal/Vertical Sensitivity

Personal preference
Use practice to set best sensitivity for yourself and what you feel most comfortable with

Zoom Sensitivity Multiplier

When you are sniping you still wanna be snapping quite fast

Invert Look

or turn it ON if you want inverted mouse for some reason

Mouse Smoothing

You want to have raw mouse input if you’re trying to be competitive

Toggle Crouch

Personal preference

Toggle Sprint

Personal preference

Toggle Zoom

Personal preference


Personal preference
You might want to change Portals Placement to something more comfortable while running (Mouse Wheel Up and Mouse Wheel Down)
When you are running it’s easier to place portals with mouse wheel because you don’t have to move your finger from W to Q or E to place it
If your mouse has side buttons, you might want to use them for Melee and grenades or anything else


Master Volume

Personal preference
Lowers the volume of all in-game audio

Gameplay Volume

Enemies, footsteps, gunshots…

Music Volume

Personal preference
Music is menu only

Announcer Volume

Shouldn’t be as same as Gameplay Volume but it’s fun thing to have

Ambient Volume

Map Audio. You want it to be a lot lower than Gameplay Volume because you’ll be able to hear footsteps a lot clearer


Change it for what works best for you


Show FPS

Depends on whether you want to see your FPS while in-game or not

Show Subtitles

Personal preference
Subtitles are only in training

Show Damage Numbers

Personal preference
If you can add up really fast you might want to go for a melee
Good if you want to see how much damage you deal over a certain distance

Show Low Ammo Warning

Personal preference
Good if you don’t pay attention on your ammo and useful so you don’t get caught reloading in the middle of a fight

Show Sprint Crosshair

Crosshair changes to little vertical arrow
Might be annoying and you might want to have your crosshair all the time

Crosshair Color

Personal preference
Best option would be a color that stands out and is rarely seen on buildings, ground etc.
Yellow and Green are good options

Enemy Crosshair Color

When you aim at an enemy it really stands out
Make sure it is different from Crosshair Color because when enemy runs across your crosshair it will become different color

Crosshairs for every weapon is your own preference. It’s best to experiment with crosshairs and find what suits you best and if you want to go back to default just click “Restore Default” option


Learn Maps

The more you know maps the better you will become with portaling on them and finding more powerful weapons
To learn maps faster you can hop in a Custom game without bots
Great way to practice portal mechanics


The sooner you master them, the better at map controling you’re going to be
The more you are portaling, the better you’re going to be at moving across the map efficiently
Don’t forget that you can shoot through portals and always take advantage of that but be careful because enemies can kill you easily the same way

Use secondary

It’s much better to swap to your secondary than reloading
Swaping to second weapon is really fast
Swaping between sniper and shotgun can be really powerful

How long does it take for weapons to respawn

Railgun – 2.5 min
Rocket Launcher – 2.5 min
BFB – 2.5 min
Shotgun – 2.5 min
Sniper – 2 min
Plasma Gun – 1.5 min
SMG – 1 min
Battle Rifle – 1 min
Assault rifle – 30seconds

Thanks to Syth3 for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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