SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated: How to kill Plankton

Now you may be wondering how to kill Plankton.
Since he was and still is the evil mastermind behind all these robots right?
He’s been trying to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula for ages so he can rule the world.
Despite his evil genius plans and his inventions, he is just as bad as game critics reviewing this game.
Don’t worry. I have come up with a solution to stop Plankton and get the super weenie hut jr ending.


To kill the enemy, you gotta think like the enemy.
Since Plankton has a mouth that runs faster than me eating my can of pringles, you gotta learn how to talk like him.

So Plankton can get away with that, but when I say it at preschool, I get sent home smh.

Plankton also likes to eat holographic meatloaf. So I think now would be a good time to get your hologram machine out and start eating.

Delicious isn’t it? At least it’s tastes better than the food Plankton makes himself.

Now Plankton is full of rage and he is usually driven mad with power. So here’s a how-to video to feel like that:
Plankton’s Rage Tutorial
I’m really feeling it!

Now you may be like, “I don’t get it?”

Well too bad. This is a guide, if you don’t get a guide, why are you reading? You barnacle head.

Now you should be able to think like Plankton. What he would be doing right now is:
Probably crying himself to sleep right now at the Chum Bucket about his current failures and how he is going through a mid-life crisis while complaining how he is oppressed by society and its rules to his computer wife Karen.

Setting Up A Plan (or plans)
Now you may or may not have a plan to kill Plankton.
That’s completely fine.
Fine as in: I wish I could fine you for not staying behind me and not going ahead. I mean if you think you’re so smart, why don’t YOU do it already?
Now for Plan A: I don’t know
Now for Plan B: I still don’t know
Now for Plan C: I really still don’t know
Now for Plan D: I kinda really still don’t know
Now for Plan E: I seriously kinda really still don’t know
Now for Plan F: I just seriously kinda really still don’t know
Now for Plan G: I am just seriously kinda really still don’t know
Now for Plan H: H
Now for Plan J: I mean am just seriously kinda really still don’t know
Now for Plan K: Eat at the Krusty Krab and this is not an advertisement of any sort
Now for Plan L: Loser
Now for Plan M: mini
Now for Plan N: Dang I just realized I could’ve made Plan F for Plan F.U.N
Now for Plan O: Wait for it…
Now for Plan P: HAHAHAHAHA
Now for Plan Q: *Let’s just skip to a random plan*
Now for Plan R: Wow you just skipped Plan R
Now for Plan S: In terms of Plan S we have no PlanS
Now for Plan T: Why do you want a plant?
Now for Plan U: YOUUUUU
Now for Plan V: *Skipped*
Now for Plan W: WUMBO
Now for Plan X: Isn’t that an actual thing?
Now for Plan Y: Why?
Now for Plan and: You telling me that the word “and” isn’t in the alphabet? You know how it goes “X, Y, and Z.”
Now for Plan Z: Kill Plankton.

The Moment Of Truth

Look at this smug micro organism thinking of a horrible plan.GET READY YOU BUG.


And there you go! That’s how you kill Plankton!
Just squash him and badda-bing badda-boom.
Now you got a buncha shiny objects in your room.

Ok now give me your shiny objects or perish.

For His Neutral Special, He Wields A Gun

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