Spore: How to Ally the Grox Quickly 2021

This guide will show you how to ally the Grox, this will unlock the Deal With the Devil badge when you ally them.


Allying the Grox

Allying the Grox is not an easy task, however, there are many things you can do to get on the Grox good side without needing to grind for Diplomat 5 or Conquerer 5 to get Embassy or Planet Buster.

NOTE: If you want to do it this method, you need to be either a Zealot or a Scientist because of their unique Fanatical Frenzy (Zealot) or Gravitation Wave (Scientist) abilities which break the galactic code. I personally recommend Zealot, because it allows you to keep the planet instead of just destroying the cities. Gracious Greeter is also very helpful. I personally recommend you get Cell Stage and Creature Stage as red, while you get Tribal and Civ as green, this will make you a Zealot and give you the Gracious Greeter ability, which will cause every empire, including the Grox, to start out with a +10 bonus.

The Grox starts out at -70 because they distrust strangers, alot. If you want to ally the Grox, you will need +140, if you have Gracious Greeter they should start out at -60 total.

IMPORTANT: Allied ships will attempt to attack the Grox. Disband all allied ships before attempting this. Make sure to disable auto blaster as well. NEVER FIGHT THE GROX SHIPS ATTACKING YOU!!!

1: Doing missions (+50) – (+50 Total)
Doing missions is a good way to get them to like you, but doing missions maxes out at +50. Always remember, if they ask you to pick something up, make sure that you are 100% sure that its the one you are supposed to pick up, if its the wrong artifact then they see it as stealing. Missions also give a load of money (about 100,000-200,000.) After this, you should be at about -20 normally or -10 if you have Gracious Greeter.

2: You agreed to help us (+5) – (+55 Total)
Happens when you do missions. Should be at -15 normally or -5 with Gracious Greeter.

3: Breaking the Galactic Code (+50) – (+105 Total)
Use either Fanatical Frenzy or Gravitation Wave to break the galactic code near the Grox, it must be nearby or they wont know it happened. You need to do this a couple of time. [TIP: Saving and exiting to the main menu resets abilities.] They should be at about +35 or +45 with Gracious Greeter.

4: Our trade route (+30) – (+140 Total)
Now that you are in the blue area, you can establish a trade route with the Grox. It may take some time, but after a while the +30 bonus will appear. you should be at +70 or +80 with Gracious Greeter.

You should be in the green now, just send them an alliance offer and they should accept.

Be sure to send them gifts often and do missions to keep the alliance alive because “You agreed to help us” will slowly diminish over time.

The Aftermath

So… You’ve allied the Grox. What now?


1: You are now unbelievably rich!
The Grox tend to be rather generous with the money they hand out when doing their missions (about 100,000 sporebucks to 200,000 sporebucks.)

2: You can now pretty easily take over most empires.
The Grox ship you receive for being allies has 3000 health, which is a lot. With the proper weapons and upgrades, paid for by the previous and next pros, most planets fall easily to your destructive reign of terror. If you ever have trouble with a species home planet, feel free to use the Zealot’s Fanatical Frenzy or the Scientist’s Gravitational Wave.

3: You now can become EVEN MORE RICH!!! (Easier with Zealot)
If you have zealot, the power of Fanatical Frenzy is very clear, taking over several planets with several different types of spices is very good. Who cares if you can only trade with your own empire? It doesn’t matter, your own colonies sometimes gives better prices than the other empires!

4: Free staff of life.
With the Grox allied, they will no longer attack you, allowing for free access of the galactic core, and in extension, the staff of life.


1: Everyone goes to war with you!!!
Congrats! Everyone hates you! Allying the Grox gives a whooping -200 for every empire except the Grox!

2: Diplomat is VEEEERY hard to achieve.
Due to the con above, it is very hard to ally anyone!

3: No trading with anyone else!
Since everyone else completely hates you, you cannot trade with them. The Grox are unable to trade, meaning you are stuck trading yourself.

4: All your current alliances end!
No one wants to be called “Friend of the Grox” (Except you, of course.) So, every empire breaks there alliance with you, some even go to war with you!

5: The Grox are still big jerks!!!
The Grox still talk to you like you are some “lesser being!” Can you believe that!?!?

Thanks to Greed for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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