Spore: How to Register Your Copy of Spore 2021

In 2021, the process for going online through the Steam version of Spore was changed. This is how to register now.


Why Things Have Changed:

Previously, when buying a copy of Spore, the Creepy and Cute parts pack, or the Galactic Adventures expansion, you would get a key code. This code was supposed to be entered on your Origin account, to add everything you bought to that account as well. Then, you would sign into Spore using your EA account details once you got into the game.

This changed in 2021. EA Play was released for Steam, allowing monthly subscribers to play new and old EA games on Steam. The problem is, the codes don’t expire once your EA Play subscription is canceled. This led people to buy EA play for like a dollar, get all the codes, cancel EA Play, and sell the codes for a small profit on other websites.

Because of this, EA and Steam have now removed all codes from old EA titles that might require it, such as Spore.

How to Register Spore:

  • First, head to https://help.ea.com/en/. Clicking that link will take you to the English site.
  • You’ll need to make an account there. I recommend signing in with Steam, just in case.
  • Open a new ticket and contact customer support through live chat. It was 5am EST when I did this myself, so you should be able to reach them anytime.
  • Explain the situation. You bought Spore on Steam, and you want to register it to play online. To do so, you need it to be added to your Origin account, because Origin is how you sign in.
  • Customer support will ask you to provide proof of purchase. An image from Steam itself, as well as the email you got from Steam when you bought Spore. Here is how to add images to a case, and here are some examples of the images you’ll need to send.


  • VERY IMPORTANT: If you purchased the “More Spore” bundle, each piece of the bundle has it’s own purchase ID! You’ll need to send them screenshots of the core game, Creepy and Cute, and Galactic Adventures.
  • After providing them with some more information (email, usernames, etc.) you should either be given codes to enter on Origin, or they will automatically add them to your account for you. Then, just use Origin to sign into Spore!

Note: I am unsure how this process would work if you subscribed to EA play on Steam, and then wanted to play Spore online. I’ve never used EA play. Perhaps the subscription carries over to an Origin account as well? No idea.

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