Star Girl Proxima: Crystals Guide

This is a guide to 100% the game since the crystals seem to be what increases the percentage number if I’m correct each crystal adds 8% to the completetion status

Each stage contains four crystals, two of health and two of mana, usually two crystals are on plain sight at the end of each stage, with the exception of the last one, so I’m going to ignore the visible ones and focus on the hidden rooms around

In order to enter the room simply press the up button

Chiron City (stage 1)

The first one is on stage 1-5 it starts with two vapor enemies the entry to the room is at plain sight

The second one is at 1-7 there are three vapor enemies and a machine gun one, the entry is the open window you have to jump and press up in the window

Aphros Beach (Stage 2)

The first one is at 2-5 it’s on the platform bellow the entry simply dash to it and press up

The second one crystal is located at 2-8 see the small purple rectangle bellow the platform? you have to jump and press up

Asbolus Cliffs (Stage 3)

The first one is at 3-3, is at the bottom right of the stage there is a platform there

The second one is at 3-5 is at the top left, there are some star stairs in the middle top use them as height to arrive with dashes

Argeius Forest (Stage 4)

The first one is at 4-3 the door is visible just dash jump dash to it

The second one is at 4-7 the bottom left side of the turret maze is the hole in the wall, besides the absorbing bullet lamp

Messus Caverns (Stage 5)

The first one is at 5-8 is right at the start in the green wall behind the turret, you can damage boost the turret and get to the room just make sure it doesn’t hit you midair, or you can go at the bottom disable the shield and kill the turret

The second one is at 5-15? (not sure at the stage number) is the one with the giant drop, the room is at the right side fourth spike

Dark Temple (Stage 6)

First one is at 6-3 at the bottom right corner you can arrive with a double dash jump and a third dash jumping at the border of the entry

Second one is at 6-5 this one is the stage with the drop and a lot of the vapor enemies, once you arrive at the top just drop down until you find a hole in the wall with a pillar behind

Third one is at 6-7 the room is at the right side behind pillars, you can pass through it jumping from the platform at the right

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