Star Renegades: How to Activate Sidequests?

Here is a simple guide on how to activate sidequests in Star Renegades game.


1st map:
-Kill the bounty hunter or switchblade, and discover some cliff or mountain area (with a temple if possible). Unlocking the cristal cave sidequest at night.
– killing a special unit during the day might trigger the spaceship sidequest

2nd map:
-trigger the conversation with the “special unit on the map (usually a jaguar or savant) then discover or have discovered one of the big temple in the map for the temple sidequest

3rd map:
-find the worshop house then kill the special unit on the map for the “key” to Factory sidequest.

Credit to Lyndis


Star Renegades offers a great artstyle and robust combat system for fans of turn-based RPGs and roguelikes. It doesn’t have much to tell in terms of an outward storyline, and some of the roguelike elements feel a little thin, but it’s a solid experience if you know what you are getting into.

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