Star Renegades: How to Unlock Hidden Characters

Here is a guide on which pairs you need to unlock the hidden characters.


Character Unlocks
To unlock the combinations you need to fill the relationship meter to 4 hearts (soulmates). They will then be available to purchase in the quantum synthesizer.

Hidden Unique Classes

  • Gunslinger [Commando + Saboteur]
  • Juggernaut [Aegis + Enforcer]
  • Spectre [Empath + Marksman]
  • Varangian [Valkyrie + Archon]
  • *Paragon [Win-a-Run] Exception as not hidden at the start, just locked, until you’ve won a run.

There are many, and most are still unknown. They are basically alternate art variations of their parents, but with slightly different stats and a slightly varied skills. Below is a list of known parents that create two progenies.

  • Aegis + Paragon
  • Aegis + Saboteur
  • Archon + Empath
  • Commando + Empath
  • Commando + Varangian
  • Enforcer + Marksman
  • Enforcer + Varangian

Every hero can pair up with at least 3 others to unlock progenies.

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