Star Renegades: Intel Unlocks (Tier 1-52)

A list of the intel progression unlock   Tier 1 – 10 Tier 1 Required Points: 2 Unlocks: Valkyrie Defender Perk Increases Health by 20. Increases Damage by 10%. Tier 2 Required Points: 4 Unlocks: Archon Healer Perk Increase Shield Regeneration Powers’ effectiveness by 33%. Squad gains +5 Shields (camping ability) Tier 3 Required Points: […]

Star Renegades: How to Activate Sidequests?

Here is a simple guide on how to activate sidequests in Star Renegades game.   1st map: -Kill the bounty hunter or switchblade, and discover some cliff or mountain area (with a temple if possible). Unlocking the cristal cave sidequest at night. – killing a special unit during the day might trigger the spaceship sidequest […]

Star Renegades: How to Transfer Game Save From Xbox Gamepass to Steam

A guide on how to transfer your save from Xbox to Steam   How to Transfer Your Files Copies the files from: Xbox Game Pass Save File Location C:\Users\*Username*\AppData\Local\Packages\RawFury.StarRenegadesWIN10_9s0pnehqffj7t\SystemAppData TO Steam Save File Location \Documents\Star Renegades There should only be four files: combatsave.mdi editorsave.mdi profile.mdi SRRWSlot0.mdi *By doing this you may have missed the trigger […]

Star Renegades: How to Unlock Hidden Characters

Here is a guide on which pairs you need to unlock the hidden characters.   Character Unlocks To unlock the combinations you need to fill the relationship meter to 4 hearts (soulmates). They will then be available to purchase in the quantum synthesizer. Hidden Unique Classes Gunslinger [Commando + Saboteur] Juggernaut [Aegis + Enforcer] Spectre [Empath + Marksman] Varangian [Valkyrie […]