STAR WARS™: Squadrons – How To Evade Missiles & Prevent Lock-ONS

Here is a simple guide on how to prevent lock-ons, evade missiles and use COUNTERMEASURES.


Before an enemy can fire a missile at you, they need to complete a lock. To prevent them from completing the lock, you can make erratic movements to throw off their tracking, or use the environment such as placing asteroids or space stations between you and them. Generally, if the enemy cannot see you, they cannot get a lock on you. Also, there are components that you can apply to your starfighter that will prolong enemy lock ons, like the Scrambler Shield and Dampener Hull.
Once a missile has been fired at you, it is possible to avoid it by taking evasive action. Make quick sharp turns in different directions to maximize the chances that the missile will miss. Set your throttle to half speed for better maneuverability and to further increase the odds in your favor. Also, if you have charge in your boost meter, you can outrun certain missiles. If you have mastered the art of drifting, you can boost past an obstacle, drift and turn, and boost again to duck behind cover.

If you’re in a position where taking evasive maneuvers isn’t feasible – like in a narrow tunnel or during an attack run – you can use your countermeasure. There are four types of countermeasures that all perform the same root function: preventing the missile from hitting you. Get familiar with the effective range of the countermeasure you’re using, and then activate it when the missile is within that range to save yourself.

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