STAR WARS™: Squadrons – How to Increase VR Audio

Does the volume in-game while playing in VR sound low even with the volume slider set to 100%? Here is quick fix to increase your volume when playing in VR. Especially great for Valve Index users!


Steps to increase and fix low audio in VR while playing STAR WARS™: Squadrons
You can change the following entries in the “ProfileOption_profile” file.
Usually this file can be found here: C:\Users\***\Documents\STAR WARS Squadrons Steam\settings

If you can’t find the file there, run an Windows Explorer search for the file and you may find it under a similar path under OneDrive instead if you have that backup method enabled.

In the file edit the following settings below. The values below are just increased recommendations but can be tweaked to your liking.

GstAudio.DialogVolume 3.000000
GstAudio.MusicVolume 2.500000
GstAudio.SFXVolume 2.500000
GstAudio.Volume 2.500000

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