Stardew Valley: V1.5 New Content Overview

New content highlights. Contains spoilers.


About This Guide

A list of some of the most notable new content and features for the 1.5 patch. Will update this with item descriptions and screenshots in the coming days. This guide contains spoilers. For the full patch note, please visit this link[].

New maps and locations

Ginger Island

A whole new region with new events, NPCs, monsters and items, and the new item enchanting! You can unlock the area by doing Willy’s chain quest. Reach level 100 of the Skull Cavern and the day after you’ll receive a letter from Willy. Inside Willy’s cabin there’s a door that leads to a broken ship, he will ask you to repair it with 200 hardwood, 5 Iridium bars, and 5 batteries. After fixing his boat you can now sail to Ginger Island for 1000g each trip.

Beach farm layout

– Sprinklers does not work on sandy ground

New NPCs

– Leo
– Birdie
– Gourmand Frog
– Professor Snail

New Crops and Trees
– Mahogany Tree
– Banana
– Mango Tree
– Pineapple
– Ginger and Taro Root
– Qi Fruit

Farm features and items

– Ostrich (as farm animals)
– Home expansion (upgrade thru Robin)

– Move-able bed
– You can now paint houses and buildings

– New Fertilizers (Deluxe Fertilizer, Deluxe Retaining Soil, Hyper Speed-Gro )
– New Fishing tackles (Curiosity Lure, Quality Bobber, Magic Bait)

Game Mechanics

Dwarvish forge and Weapon Enchanting

Can be accessed in the Volcano dungeon. Collect crystal shards and use gems in the furnace located inside the dungeon to modify tools and weapons, and even merge rings.

– Special Orders Board (similar to bulletin board)

– New Community Upgrade (end game)
– Shrine of Challenge (Mines and Skull Cavern difficult mode)
– Sprinklers can now be customized (range and fertilizer attachment)
– New craftable items including Coffee Maker and Cookout Kit
– You can now place most furnitures outside and most importantly sit on chairs
– Improved game menus and HUD
– Plenty of new furnitures (including a telephone), and character vanity items
– Options for fishing tackle sounds (can be found in game options)
– UI can now be scaled independently
– Jukebox now has shuffle mode
– Reworked slingshot controls (can be set in game options)
– Added Advanced game options:

  • Set seed value used in randomization;
  • Choose default vs randomized community center bundles;
  • Choose default vs randomized mine chests;
  • Can make Red Cabbage Seeds guaranteed to sell at least once at the travelling cart in year one, so it’s always possible to finish the community center in the first year.
  • Can access the profit margins and cabin related options that were previously inaccessible when creating a single player farm.
  • Can toggle monsters spawning


– Added local split-screen multiplayer mode
– Added various new chat messages when a player does something
– Using the return scepter now returns farmhands to their cabin’s front door instead of the host’s farmhouse

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