Stardew Valley: lliott Guide (All You Need to Know)

A guide on all of the information needed for the bachelor Elliott in Stardew Valley.   Schedule Below are Elliott’s schedules prioritized highest to lowest within each season. For example, if it is raining, that schedule overrides all others below it. Rainy day Tuesday Thursday, Friday If the player has 6+ hearts with Leah Friday and […]

Stardew Valley: Shane Guide 2021

Here is a full guide for Shane with schedule hours and like & dislike.   Schedule hours Spring Monday 7:10am: Leaves the ranch to head to JojaMart 9:00am: Gets to JojaMart 5:00am: Leaves JojaMart and heads to the saloon 11:10am: Leaves the saloon and heads home 9:00am: Stands in the kitchen at Marnie’s Ranch 11:00am: […]

Stardew Valley: The Pirate’s Wife Quest

Hello everyone! Today I will show you the solution of the Birdie quest, the pirate’s wife. Enjoy the reading!   Birdie Birdie is an old woman who lives in a hut on Ginger Island, at the far West of the Island. Speaking to her starts “The Pirate’s Wife” quest. Giving her the Pirate’s Locket will […]

Stardew Valley: Mr. Qi Questline Guide 2021

This guide (though kinda short) will guide you thought the Mr Qi quest-line. This is not a 1.5 thing, so there will be no 1.5 spoilers here, however there will be spoilers to the community center and the desert here, though they only relate to the quest-line.   Quest activation The beginning of the quest […]