Still Waiting For Skate 4? Session New Skateboarding Game, Releases in 2019

Still waiting for Skate 4? Session is an upcoming skateboarding video game, that you can feel what it is to be a talented street skater, explore and tame the concrete, film yourself, your friends, and then, share your footage on the internet with the worldwide skateboarding community. Session is developed by Montreal independent developer Crea-ture Studios for PC and Xbox One. It is expected to be released in 2019

Session Announce Trailer

An Upgraded Skateboarding Experience

In Session, there is a number of new features, like Dual Stick Controls, each stick represents your feet and you can totally control your feet to transfer your weight while on a skateboard; There will be no sccre system in the game in order to focus on what skateboarding really is. Filming is one of the biggest part of the skateboarding, same for Session, will feature an extended video editor that will allow the player to perform their tricks; edit, create a montage in-game and share it through all the most popular social media platforms.


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Session Kickstarter Website:

Session’s Developer Crea-ture Studios Official Site

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