Stormworks: Build and Rescue – How to Load Modules on the Oxchild 84-M (Selection Tool Tutorial)

In this short Guide i will walk you thru how to use the selection tool in game to load modules on the back of vehicles.


What is the Selection tool.
The Selection tool in Storm Works allows for copying and pasting of not only other vehicles into the editor, but also the ability to cut blocks away from your craft and shift them about with out having to remake them, or hook the logic back up.

You can find this helpful tool second from the right on the top hot bar. marked with a doted outline of a square.

Useing the Selection Tool to Attach Modules.
In order to Load in modules of some creations, (not only mine but others that use a modular design)
The use of the selection tool is required unless stated other wise.

In order to get started with the tool first

Open the editor.

Load in what ever creation your using ether made by your self of others from the workshop. Feel free to move it around if you want.

Find the Blue Button along the top hot bar labeled “Selection Grid”

and left click it. this will ghost the currently loaded blocks. Don’t weary their still there.
On the right you will now have a second hot bar, the only button you have to worry about right now is the

load content

button on the very bottom.

This menu is identical to the one normally used to load in Vehicles. Find what ever module or craft you want to load in ether in saved or in the workshop tab and load it like you normally would.

Now with your blocked loaded in you might think your done… your not, this is only a preview of the vehicle and

if you spawn it in now you’ll just be left with what you had loaded in before!

Navigate to the hot bar on the side again and

click PASTE

Congrats you can now spawn your vehicle and go have fun! its that simple.

Switching modules if you already have content loaded.
If you want to switch the modules or load in something new with the selection tool you

must clear the content you had in it before.

think of it like copying and pasting from your clipboard, if ya don’t put something else in there you’ll just be pasting the same thing over and over.

Select the Selection Tool again, while in the editor,

you should see what ever you had loaded in before still there.

Simply hit Clear Content on the left hand hot bar (Button on the very bottom with the X in the Square) and your good to load in more stuff!

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