Stormworks Build and Rescue: How to Spawn Workshop Creations through a Mission

Learn how to spawn those large vehicles that require a mission or modded workbench to spawn. Its quite easy.   It’s eazy to spawn in using missions. Step 1 : Press ESC to enter the menu. Press the mission editor as depicted below. ——————————————————————————————————————————— Step 2 : Press “Add Unique Location”. Next scroll through to find your […]

Stormworks Build and Rescue: Shell Type Guide

A short guide to all types of shells with illustrative examples.   Introduction There are 5 types of shells in the game – kinetic, armor-piercing, fragmentation, high-explosive and incendiary. The battle cannon can use all of them, the artillery cannon can only use fragmentation, high-explosive and armor-piercing. In addition, autocannon shells and machine gun cartridges […]

Stormworks Build and Rescue: How to Fix Gun Belt Connectors Collision

How to install modified xml to remove collision from ammo belt connectors and build your turret in connected position.   How to Fix Removing the collision from the ammo belt connectors Download the zip with the modified belt connectors: Unzip Place the 4 .xml files into your Stormworks/rom/data/definitions/ folder Overwrite the old ones Launch game […]

Stormworks: Build and Rescue – How to Add New Cargo Terminals, Types, and Loads to the Logistics System (V1.0)

Learn how to add new cargo terminals, types, and loads to the logistics system released in 1.0.   Intro Stormworks 1.0 brought with it the highly-hyped-up logistics system, allowing players to pick up randomly-generated cargo loads and transport them to their destination dynamically. It does exactly what it says on the tin. While it’s certain […]