Streamer Life Simulator: How To Move Save File To Other PC and Fix Regedit Import Error

For Windows 10 users, this is a guide I think should be put on Steam, I learned how to save the file from someone else but learned how to fix a likely to happen error alone due to no one on forums mentioning it to my knowledge, so for the sake of everyone else wanting to play a save from a different computer I’m here to help!


Finding this is different from usual games

Go to the Start Menu
Type regedit

click Run as Admin
When opened go down this order of folders

If you’re not sure where to go
  1. below Computer open HKEY_USERS
  2. then open the folder that begins with S-1-5-21 and ends with 1001 each number is different for every pc so if this number is off open each folder and go through the next steps carefully
  3. open SOFTWARE
  4. open Cheesecake Dev this is where if you didn’t know which folder to pick you’ll notice that there’s only one software folder that has this folder

you can check if you have an active save by clicking the streamer life simulator folder and if it’s long enough where you have to scroll for a while to get to the bottom then it’s an active save, however if there’s less than about 10 strings listed, there is no save file

Right click the Streamer Life Simulator folder and click export

enter any save name you want it doesn’t matter cause the folder name and location are saved inside the registry file

Now you have a save file! Keep it safe for later
Time to use your save file!

Open Registry Editor as admin again

Click File
Click Import

Find your save file and click ok to merge
If it accepts it then you’re done!

If an error window pops up continue the guide

FIXING THE Cannot Import Error Accessing The Registry ERROR
If you get this error
and you happen to be trying to merge the save on a different pc or one where you reinstalled windows after you took your save from the registry

Open your .reg save file by right clicking and clicking edit
Check to see if the numbers here match the ones in the currently opened Registry Editor

Do they match?

If they do then try merging again if it doesn’t work then you have a different problem it might be a lack of permissions of a corrupted file or even a problem with windows itself, I can’t help with those, please look online for help with that

If they don’t match then copy the entire number from your registry editor and replace it in the .reg save file in the same location as the invalid number

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