Street Legal Racing Redline v2.3.1: How to Change Camera Views

Description of camera positions in the game


About camera positions

In the game, you can change the position of the camera.
There are 4 provisions in total:

  • Normal, behind.
  • Interior (several variants).
  • Cinematic Mode.
  • Front view.

Switching between them is carried out by the buttons F1-F6.

  • F1 – interior.
  • F2 – cinematic mode.
  • F3 – normal.
  • F4 – front view.
  • F5 – front view, focus on the police car.
  • F6 – rear view of a police car.

Normal, behind

View from the car

Steering wheel

Cinematic mode (dynamic)

Front view

Front view, focus on the police car

Rear view of a police car

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