Streets Of Kamurocho: Guide for Starters (Secret Characters Unlock)

If you dont know nothing about Yakuza series, this guide will help you a lot.


First, Real yakuza use a gamepad.

A golden rule, dont forget it guys. You can use a dualshock 4 or xbox controller.Choose whatever you want.

Second, Choose a Soundtrack

First of all, We need to turn off the music
Go to options

Then, down the volume in 0%

Second,choose a character
In my case, I chose Kiryu

Then, you need to find his aproppiate soundtrack . I like “The dragon of dojima theme” .So i chose this one.
Finally, Play the game
Now you are playing as a real Yakuza

How to unlock the Third (Secret) Character.

Just beat the game lol

(Finish Atleast 1 or 2 rounds then get a game over by losing all lives)

Credit to arhum

What happens when you beat Stage 10?

Credit to Teie

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