Sub Rosa: How to Execute the “Suicide Bomber” Approach

In this guide, I will teach you how to blow up your enemies, and yourself, when in dangerous engagements in Sub Rosa county. This guide includes the setup for arming a grenade, the initiation of the “Suicide Bomber” approach, and the variations of said approach.


Grenade Arming
Alright, now that we have our plan of attack, we just need to know how execute it. To arm the grenade, you must first hold it in one of your two hands.

Once the Grenade is secure in one of your little mitts, you must execute a ‘Right Click’. This will arm the grenade. The grenade will not go off until dropped.

This little number is now ready to go boom. The traditional approach is to either drop the grenade and run, or to throw the grenade and try to hit as many enemies as possible, but we aren’t going “traditional” in this guide.

The Approach
Our little hot potato is ready, and the target is right over there. Now we can get down to business. This part of the plan is going to require some quick motions and a severe lack of butter on your fingers.

To get this train started, you must first let go of your grenade and then swiftly grab it again as soon as you drop it.

This is it. You only have a few moments left before you go splat, you better make them count.

The Styles
Now that you will meet your doom in about 5 seconds, you must decide which way you will spend your last moments.

Approach #1 The Sneak

If you’re going for this style, you have to put the grenade back in your pocket before running full speed at your target. It will work if the target is in front of you, but the explosion originates on your back where your guns and bandages are. This means if you’re going to bomb a deal, you should have your back to your deal partners.

Approach #2 The Obvious

If you’re going for this style, you can keep the grenade in your hand while you run wildly into the opposition. In this approach, the grenade is visible, so people may panic, but the explosion will originate in your hand, so its better for killing people in front of you.

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