Subnautica Below Zero: All Challenge Runs

This is a list of challenge runs for those looking for more things to do in Below Zero. Personally, I found Below Zero to be a lot easier than the original Subnautica. Neither was designed to be a challenging game, so here are some of my own challenges.


Easier challenges

PETA’s Most Wanted

Difficulty: ~ 1/5

Description: You know what to do, you monster. The method does not matter.

Hit List:

  • Smaller creatures: Brute Shark, Cryptosuchus, Crashfish, Pengling (did I stutter?), Snow Stalker, Sea Monkey
  • Larger creatures: Chelicerate, Void Chelicerate, Shadow Leviathan

Personally, I don’t like this challenge, but it’s a commonly-requested one.


Difficulty: ~ 2/5

Description: Nothing special. Simply beat the game in hardcore mode. It’s easier if you complete this faster because there are plenty of bugs in the game that will gladly end your run.

No-vehicle Run

Difficulty: ~ 2/5

Description: Complete the run without any vehicles.

This one’s for Sea Truck haters with a lot of patience.

No-base Run

Difficulty: ~ 2/5

Description: Complete the run without building any bases.

This one’s for Sea Truck lovers with a lot of patience.

Harder Challenges

“Below Zero^2” Challenge

Difficulty: 4/5

Description: This is a modified No-Vehicle + No-Base challenge.

This one’s quite tedious, and it’s more difficult than the standard no-vehicle + no-base challenge. But More challenging == More rewarding

Main restrictions:

  • When you’re underwater, you must stay Below 0 meters. You’re not allowed to surface for air (except at any of the mandatory story “islands” listed below) or use any bases/vehicles.
  • When you’re on an “island”, you must stay Below 0 degrees (not literally) in the sense that you can’t wear a cold suit or use any bases/vehicles.

You’re only allowed to surface on the mandatory story “islands”: the initial crash landing location, Delta Island, Glacial Basin, the Greenhouse iceberg, the Outpost Zero entrance, the final Architect Gate area.

Other restrictions:

  • No vehicles allowed
  • For convenience, you are allowed only two 1-corridor bases so that you don’t have to trek all the way back to your drop pod for fabrication and storage. 1 can be built anywhere on Delta Island and 1 can be built on Glacial Basin next to Phi Robotics Lab.
  • Growing plants at your 2 bases is allowed
  • You are allowed to have a maximum of 3 High Capacity O2 Tanks for this challenge. Almost all of the challenge can be done with just 2.

The first five minutes will be tight. You start with 45s of oxygen, and it takes a little longer than 45s round trip to get the nearest creepvine seeds from the drop pod. Basically, you can barely make it before completely blacking out.

Conditions for clearing:

  • Build AL-AN
  • Visit Maida at her greenhouse
  • Beat the game
  • (Optional bonus objective) Visit all Architect Artifacts (you will definitely need 3 HCOTs for this)

By HSuke

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