SUCCUBUS: How to Unlock Uncensored Content

Guide for changing from censored to uncensored when playing the game


Patch from Dropbox link from FriendyS

FriendyS uploaded the files onto dropbox at the link as follow:

Patch from the official website

Go to
under Projects, click on ADULT ONLY DLC to download the “succubus_unrated.7z” file

Extract the “succubus_unrated.7z” to get the “” file

Extract the “” file into where \steamapps\common\SUCCUBUS\Succubus\Content\Paks is saved in your computer to get the pakchunk1001-WindowsNoEditor.pak file in that folder

Applying the uncensoring ingame

In the main menu, go to Options

Then go to General

Make sure the Censorship option is highlighted. It will be dim when there is censoring. Click to apply the uncensorship.

Enjoy the game in all its lewd glory. The censorship in the game filled with pixels on the characters’ breasts and genitals which ruins the immersion, so be sure to apply the dlc/patch.

Thanks to Fat Mac for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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