SUCCUBUS: 100% Achievement Guide

This is a complete achievement guide for SUCCUBUS! I’ve included screenshots, videos and in-depth descriptions of each achievement. Please let me know if you need help with anything!   Unmissable Achievements Premenstrual syndrome Use Fury Need a hand Kill Kali I didn’t like her … Kill the Harpy She started it Kill Agretha Huge mount […]

SUCCUBUS: How to Unlock Uncensored Content

Guide for changing from censored to uncensored when playing the game   Patch from Dropbox link from FriendyS FriendyS uploaded the files onto dropbox at the link as follow: Patch from the official website Go to under Projects, click on ADULT ONLY DLC to download the “succubus_unrated.7z” file Extract the “succubus_unrated.7z” to get the “” […]