SuchArt!: How to Reach the Ending Quickly

Here are tips I’ve picked up from going to all four ending achievements to reach maximum fame faster to pace up the process. Hope this can help!


Getting fame as fast as possible to reach the ending of Suchart!

Hello! In this Guide I will share tips I’ve been using to make reaching the ending quest faster!

To get all achievements, you will need to play on multiple saves and reach the end of the game multiple times.

There are 4 endings possible, with each it’s own achievement:

  • The Peace ending, unlocking Let’s seek out new foes together!
  • The Human ending, unlocking Get off my planet!
  • The Robot ending, unlocking I am sure they will refrain from destroying us
  • The Crabux ending, unlocking One Crabux to rule them all

While you are doing another playthrough, be wary of others achievements you might have missed, like refusing to work with Rugus, getting the Crabux Ball from grandpa, or any other!

Important things to know

Here are a few things that are very handy to know to not lose time while trying to get fame!
From my observations:

– The content of a painting and the time/ressources used to paint it do not matter for fame gains:

Be wary though, you cannot send an untouched painting, just a quick line of paint will be enough:

– The size of the canvas used does not matter for fame gains:

– The price you decide to sell your paintings for does not change the amount of fame gained, so I would recommend choosing the lowest price you can to get the fame gain as quickly as possible:

What to do

Knowing this, the steps to follow are:

– Make sure you’ll get as many quests as you can, by going into your manager app:

And set your status to Looking for customers for the maximum available time, 168 ingame hours (More time than you’ll need)

These secondary quests will award with fame:

– Keep making small paintings of a single line (or more, we’re art enthusiasts, but I decided to save my efforts for my main savefile) for the market
You will spend most of your time here:

Order a canvas, place it on the the sending display, make a line of paint, send it to the market place for 50 Credits, repeat…

– Don’t forget to not let the mail pile up to miss incoming commissions:

Other ways to get fame

There are other sources of fame in the game, but they’ll contribute very little to the total amount of fame you’ll need

There is:

– The galery, if you want to take a break, you can expose your paintings in the gallery walls:

The gallery will give you a daily amount of fame, depending on how many visitors it had, this will scale with your fame level:

(You won’t end up playing a lot of ingame days so the gain is pretty little)

– The Journal, tasks to complete that will award you with fame, you can include these into your work to get bonus fame:

Once you’re there

Quickly enough,
In about more than one hour:

You will reach the Revered level of fame, the last one:

Soon after, you will receive a mail from Kyndle, saying she sold the Unicorn 🙁
And then following, a mail from Maia, and others trying to sway you into choosing the “right” choice
You will then receive this mail from Maia:

Here, the answer you give is what decides which ending you’ll get, the “mankind” ending, the “Metal” ending, the “Crabux ending or the “brotherhood ending”

And there you are, you will receive a mail from the government, 6000 Credits and the ability to end your career!

I’d recommend not ending your career, it doesn’t do anything apart from going back to the main menu and seems like it’d be risking the ending achivement to not pop up…
Because yeah, it happened to me, it happened to other people, sometimes, the achievement doesn’t show up and it seems like the only solution is to start over a new save

Once you’re done you can freely go explore the universe with Maia
(If you’re curious, it’ll unlock the My brushes for a blaster! achievement, go back to main menu, and you’ll be back in your studio when loading the save again!!
Hope this helped and that nothing that was said here is wrong!
Don’t blindly paint 1 line paintings for an hour multiple times if you don’t care about getting these achievements! And express yourself fully on one of your saves, the game is really good!

Thanks to Owoog for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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