Suits Absolute Power: All Achievements Guide

This guide goes without saying that there are MAJOR SPOILERS ahead in this guide for the game and I heavily advise a spoiler free run to anyone playing this game for the first time. I’m merely making this guide for people who are either very lost or just want to see everything this game has to offer.

That being said, hope this guide helps.

Missable achievements – Hotel

It’s Clogula- Located at the Garage level, go to the left and a crack should be in between two trucks. WARNING: Even though Clogula can be fought as early as entering the Hotel for the first time it is reccomended to save him for later until you can beat an enemy that has 2000 hp.

*Needed to fight Kingula

Missable achievements- Stocksford

Death and Taxes and Tax Paying Citizen are two achievements you can not get on the same save file.

Death and Taxes- Up at the top left of Stocksford there should be a man harassing two people in an ally. For this achievement select the Intervene option. After the battle you should get the achievement

Tax Paying Citizen- In the same place as the last achievement, but choose the other option

After this head to the back of the Tax Collector building and talk to the Tax Man in order to claim your achievement

Dead Drop Died- To start the questline, you need to talk to Bush in one the bushes near the center of Stocksford

After this go to the top right of the map and let this cutscene play out.

After this go to the top left of the map to the warehouse

After you get to the back you’ll initiate a battle and get the achievement.

– Burning Bush- Burning Bush is a continuation off of Dead Drop Died. Bush is in the 2nd most left room in Fancy Man’s Motel. Be prepared for a tussle.

Printing Money- Start the questline by going to the Bank and entering the vault. (I don’t even think this is necessary as you get the plates through normal gameplay progression regardless I think.)

After you have them talk to him again and reap your rewards.

Check’s in the Mail- This achievement is super obscure for no good reason, in Stocksford find a man wandering around named Grandler Tippins (His location around the map is semi-random since the npcs roam but I find he’s usually near the center of Stocksford and he is always outside and on the surface). Each time you talk with the man he gives you $1, keep doing this until you initiate battle and obtain the achievement.

It’s Glogula- There’s a breakable wall in the sewers to the hallway to the left of the rat fight ring, they’re in there.

Ruggy Got Me Zooted- In the vault area after The Dive, there is a breakable wall between two plants. The goods are inside.

Missable Achievements- Docksford

NOTE: Some achievements will be locked off after others are found. Multiple runs may be required, but this is subject to testing.

Children’s Toy- To initiate this quest talk to the small man that greets you when you first arive in Docksford

Next go to the bar on the right and in the back left room there should be a hatch, interact with it to get underneath the docks. There should be a shrine down there for you to initiate battle.

If beating the enemy down there doesn’t give you the achievement then go talk to the boy to try and return flippy, it’s been awhile at least one of them is the trigger.

Thank God I’m Fishin’- Just talk to the guy in Clippers Fishers, I hope you like fishing and waiting for the following achievements.

Pizza Piracy- To start this quest go into the Pizza Pirates building and talk to the very finely dressed gentleman located in the upper right of the building.

The place you deliver this pizza to should be the bungalow directly to the left of the Lighthouse. The man directly ahead will the recipient of this fine dish.

VS- To start the questline talk to the sad man in the bottom right of the bungalow located directly to the right of the lighthouse.

Once this occurs, a roaming npc with a exclamation point over their head and a plant in their hand will appear walking around Docksford. Turn him into a corpse and return the plant to it’s unrightful owner.

When One Door Closes- Punch the door to the Bungalow directly right to the Bar.

Jeepers Peepers- To start the quest to get this achievement talk to the man in between the sub shop and the medical center.

After this go to the sub shop, break the barrel, and go behind the false wall in the Evil Sandwhich shop to enter the cellar.

After this you want to interact with the left barrel NO NOT GO THROUGH THE FALSE WALL AND TALK TO HYDE YET, talking to Hyde before interacting with the barrel will lock you out of the Peeper fight and the achievement.

You should get the achievement after the fight and then you can go through the false wall to finish the quest.

Arsonist- To start the questline for this acheivement you will need to have the When One Door Closes achievement since the man who starts the quest is inside the bungalow guarded by the Door.

After he burns his own house down for insurance reasons you’ll find his cousin the upper right of the main seating area in the Bar.

Big Rod- I hope you have patience for fishing. The man that starts this quest is in the fishing building where you get the Thank God I’m Fishin’ achievement. Talk to him to start the quest and then come back to him after you’ve caught 5 fisher clips.

Bring it Around Town- Just keep finishing up the questlines listed above and you’ll eventually get this achievement, only reason this is on here is there are multiple ways to get to Tiptopolis without helping everyone.

Deadliest Catch- Once you have the Master Rod from the Big Rod quest every time you fish in a body of water in Docksford there is a ~1% of encountering the Hole Punch Whale. Just keep buying bait and fishing until you get it. You might not get on the first whole stack of bait and that’s ok. A 1/100 chance does not mean you’ll be guarenteed to get it on your 100th try or your 200th… or your 300th. This is not worth it if you’re not going for all achievements.

Docksford Continued

Stupid guide character limit.

Not My TV!- To start this quest you must first aquire a bucket from underneath the Sick Bay. You can get there from following the route behind the false wall I mentioned in the Jeepers Peepers achievement, although it is not needed to access the area and bucket.

You’ll need 3 things next, water in the bucket (interacting with most water tiles fills the bucket), a steroid, (buy one if you don’t have one) and access to the Old Man at the top of the Lighthouse. Once you have all three, enter his room, activiate the ‘roids, pour water on the fire, and then punch the gate at the top of the room. (Punching the gate while the fire is still burning will get you a scolding from the Old Man telling you not to touch his TV.) The Old Man does turn the fire back on so be quick as to not waste a steroid.

No Refunds!- Note this achievement will be locked off if you’ve helped enough people around the town. When you get to Docksford, make sure you visit the Mayor first. He’ll say you need to help people around the town but he’s a lying seaslug and will cave if you give him 10 deposits of $100 in the donation box just outside of the lighthouse.

Next he’ll let you enter the upper layer of the lighthouse. Instead of doing that pay him more donations. This time the donation box will need $500 and you’ll need to donate 8 times. Doing this will make the sad old man love you, he’ll give you a ticket to Tiptopolis, and also the achievement as well. I recommend completely cleaning out Stocksford and selling rare items for the $5000 required for this achievement. If all else fails, fishing with the Master Rod has proven to be ever so slightly profitable. If that fails, talk to Grandler Tippins since he is garenteed to give you one dollar every time you talk to him.

Missable Achievements- Tiptopolis

I’m Coming Out- Start the quest by talking to the cool man to the top right of the outside area of Tiptopolis

Next just go inside and talk to the man with the exclamation mark over his head, he will let you in the fashion show where you will win and fight someone for the achievement.

Fisty And Quench- At the bottom right side of the map talk to this man guarding the entrance to a building. Fight him to gain access to the building.

Once you have access to the building the man you have to fight for the achievement should be in the northern most area.

Secret Formula- The Pizza Pirates Embassy is by the Clench Gym, go there and talk to the man inside.

The secret ingredient they want you to find is in Clench Gym in one of the left rooms with the snack bar. Return the ingredient to the original quest giver.

Woah, Just Take It Easy Man- As soon as you exit the elevator directly to the right is a cracked wall with the 2nd trip.

It’s Smogula- To start the quest talk to the man to the left of the manhole leading to the sewers.

Then go to the Gas Station to the left and in the upper right corner of the building there should be a generator. From there punch the generator to fight Smogula.

*Needed to kill Kingula

Spendy Star- At the bottom left of Tiptopolis a cutscene should happen where a robot vaporizes a man for not spending enough. All you have to do for the achievement is spend $6000 at a shop.

Shirts: A Clothing RPG-

Missable Achievements- Beanus

Fine Dining And Breathing- In the Coldova Sauna located in the bottom left section of Coldova, talk to the man north of the pool

Oh, Snowman- In the top right of Coldova there is a lone snowman. Interact with it to get the achievement.

Editor’s Note- In the Writers Guild (top left section of Coldova) the northern most room has a man who will initiate battle with you upon talking to him.

Snapped- Talk to Yuri G in the top right room of the Writer’s Guild to start their quest.

Then head down into the cellar and go through the maze until you find Yuri’s ink.

Grab it and go back the way you came until the Pencil Pusher stops you. Beating him should get you the achievement.

Unmasked- Talk to Yuri-G again after you give the ink to them and win a battle against them.

Oh No He’s Hot!- Talk to the three fine Gentlemen in front of the building to the left of the Writer’s Guild in Coldova

Then head over to Hottowa and go in the building labed AC on the upper left side of the map. In there you will have to answer “I’m Hotter Than You” to The World’s Hottest Man to fight and get the achievement from him.

A Cold Heart- Start the quest line by talking to a man in the top right area of the building in the bottom right section of Hottowa after witnessing the giant mug being destroyed.

After this go to Coldova’s AC unit located near the right side of the city. Inside is Mr. Freezy Breeze. You MUST tell him you hate snow, or else you are locked out of the battle with him, and by extension – the achievement (Tip: )

**In the lower section of Beanus you must talk to a man in the right room of the worker area in order to initiate a quest that will give you an achievement in Genus.

Missable Achievements: Lube City

Nothing, lol.

Missable achievements: Gamerica
Hackerman- Go down the manhole directly to the right of the bell, talk to the man inside and initiate an interesting battle.

Cringe-Be-Gone- To activate the event that gives you the achievement you need to find 5 posters around Gamerica and break all of them.
There’s one in the Technomancy building

The building with the plastic suits

The Wifi Leech Building

The arcade

And in the manhole from the Hackerman achievement

Level 99- Complete objectives in the 6 different buildings on the map as well as the manhole.

Missable Achievements- Genus

Trouble On My Mind- **The start of this quest is in the garden section of Beanus, refer to the Beanus section for where to start the quest. The man you give the package to should be right outside the Circus area in Genus.

Keep It In Ze Family- When in The Print Zone there should be an area to the right that looks like a nice little house. Interact with the bookshelf in there to activate the event that will lead you to the achievement.


Missable Achievements- The Moon

It’s Kingula-
If you’ve killed Glogula, Smogula, and Clogula then enter the cave you see when walking on the moon.

The shrine should look something like this, if it does then interact with it to fight Kingula. If it’s missing an orb then that means you missed one of the three fights.

My Man Who Saved The World- You get locked into this ending if you have anywhere from 0-10 corruption when talking to Chairman Thel at the end of the game. If you have 10-50 corruption Then you have the choice between either ending through a dialogue option.

My Man Who Sold The World- If you have over 50 corruption when you talk to Chairman Thel then you are locked into this ending, otherwise the information from the above achievement still fits. You can drink water before the fight if you wish to go down in corruption levels to experience the good ending.

Thank you Unpaid Intern on Discord for telling us this information.

Misc Achievements

MY MAN!- Get lucky at any slot machine by getting 3 Jeromes in a row. (I’ve been told the amount of money you put in only effects the amount you get out of it.)

Jackpot- Same thing as the MY MAN! achievement, but with the SUITS logo instead. Any slot machine will work.

– Shareholder- By pressing the I key out of battle in the upper left hand corner of the screen there is a bar for your global corruption. To get the achievement you need max global corruption. (Just keep eating things like evil sandwiches, poison, etc until you get the achievement.) Tip: Water lowers corruption so don’t drink it if you want to get the achievement.

Un-missable story achievements

I’m just going to put these here to fill out the list and to provide myself with a sense that I didn’t miss anything. If any of these are actually missable, please comment.

Actual Garbage

Welcome to Stocksford

The Dive

Market Crash

Welcome to Docksford


Welcome to Tiptopolis


Threading the Needle


The Final Tendie

Welcome to Beanus


Welcome to Lube City

Consume Lube


Welcome to Gamerica

Gamers Rise Up

Welcome to Genus


Big Tie

Print Error

Big Brain

Welcome to the Moon!

Cash Test Dummy

Missable boss achievements?

Somehow people have missed these achievements and have gotten to areas that require these bosses being defeated without having the achievement to do so. This is probably due to P2W not getting you the achievement but more information is required until any concrete claim can be made on that.

Daddy No – Kill Shareholder Beans at the end of Beanus.

King^3 – Defeat King Kube after the colosseum in Lube City.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Beat Shareholder Recyclese at the end of Gamerica.

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