Sundered Guide – Advanced Movement Tricks

Here is some tricks which are quite useful when you are playing the game.


Strength Amplifier

So here are two things you can do with it.
First is obvious: increased vertical height compared to regular jump.
Second is more complicated, but you can gain early access to corrupted waterfall caches before acquiring “Propulsion Engine” upgrade and aswell skip few “Propulsion Engine” ability gates.
What you need to do: Get close to waterfall, then upwards “Strength Amp”, then double jump, then horizontal “Strength Amp”.

Almost same way you can skip corrupted waterfalls with floors on both sides. Just jump and “Strength amp” through it.


Wall climbing with “Propulsion engine”

There is possibility to climb single wall of any height, since you acquire “Propulsion engine”.

Do maximum height jump by holding jump button and then “Propulsion engine” towards wall.

But after few jumps like that, you will run out of “Energy” and slide down loosing all height.

To avoid that, you must do maximum height jumps on one place, untill your “Energy” refills.

On the start of the gif im regaining my “Energy” back and then wall climbing.

p.s. This technique requires some space, so some walls with spike bushes on opposite wall are insusceptible for this technique.


Sundered has been released on Jul 28, 2017 on Steam. This guide was written by Nrgaa

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