Super Bomberman R Online: Bomber Strategies

A guide to better understand tactics and strategies for the basic 8 Bombers and how to best use their talents. The pros and cons of each character and how best to play around their styles.

The suggested counters are just that, a good pink player could beat any green player, though green will typically have the advantage in a 1v1.


White Bomber

White bomber is the base bomber, he has the highest potential, but the weakest start by quite a wide margin.
White bomber’s best strategy early game is hold back from playing offensively and playing defensively until he at least has a couple bombs and a defensive ability (kick or punch) before even thinking about going on the offense.

Suggested counter characters: Yellow, Blue, Aqua, Green

White bomber typically becomes the most powerful a few rounds into the 64 FFA so the best strategy to fight against one is to take them out earlier on, where they may not have bomb punch or bomb kick. The characters listed above offer great early game KO potential for taking him out. Later on in the game, you will need to utilize more defensive powers based off Green or Yellow to take him out and try to bait him into self-destructing.

Black Bomber

Black bomber is Lightning McQueen, he start off fast and only gets faster.

Best strategies while playing as him is utilizing his immense speed to try to steal other people’s power ups for himself, leaving them weaker and letting him power up faster. He’s great at trapping other players and relies on his speed to trap people rather than the throwing glove. He struggles trapping people in open tiles, but if he catches someone sitting in a 1×1 spot, it’s a free game for him.

Counters: White (mid-late game) Green, Yellow, Blue, Aqua

Black is very fast and can easily handle most bombers early game or early round due to his trapping abilities, but remembering he’s limited to two bombs and lacks the bomb throw, the best way to handle him is being more aggressive than him. He’s also quite predictable when it comes to his trapping attempts, so having a lot of bombs to block his way could lead to his downfall. He is weak offensively and relies heavily on sniping power ups, so it’s best off to wait until a few rounds in when you have much better offensive capabilities to take him out.

Pink Bomber

Pink bomber is the best early game bomber, easily. She’s powerful right at the start, and stays a threat until other bombers get good power ups. She’s very capable of going offensive at the start and taking out several bombers in the first round or two. She’s a major threat to people who also do not have defensive options, so long as she does not blow herself up. Louie is her best friend, as she does not lose any abilities when getting him, unlike other bombers.

Counters: White (Mid-Late game) Black, Yellow, Aqua, Green

Pink’s biggest weakness is lack of defense, bomb-kick is her only defensive ability as such she is very easy to trap earlier in the round, characters with early game trapping or characters who are fast enough to get powered up can take her out pretty early. She’s a terror early on in the games, but quickly peters out towards round two or three. Trapping her with her own bombs or outright overwhelming with a barrage of water bombs or spike bombs her is the best way to handle her

Blue Bomber

Blue Bomber is a sleeper character, he seems pretty weak when first looking at him until you see his insane digging potential and trapping potential early game. being able to plant 5 bombs immediately with the ability to throw or kick them later on is an amazing spamming character. While he lacks in speed, he’s hard to trap due to the sheer number of bombs he has while having access to bomb punch.

Counters: White(mid-late game) Red, Yellow, Black

Higher firepower or unpredictability are the best ways to handle this bomber, being able to blow up his bombs from a far distance (possibly while he is setting them up) are the best ways to handle his spammy nature, if he has tier 4 fire power bombs, it’s very easy to lob a bomb into his way to blow him up with his bombs as well. Due to his low speed, he is also prone to being trapped by speedier characters as well in the earlier game before he gets bomb punch.

Red Bomber

The Kamikaze of Bomberman, he loves to blow things up, be it himself or others. He is the single most offensive character starting off, and with a good balance of bombs to boot. Starting off with two bombs helps immensely early game in digging and KO’ing other opponents by overwhelming them with fire power so early on.

Counters: Black, Pink, Yellow, Aqua

Outspeed and trapping red is the best way to defeating him. He lacks bomb punch, leading to a bad defensive state. he starts off scary, but his speed is limited to two and bombs are limited to four, allowing you to catch him off guard when he is hiding from his own bombs. He has an incredibly powerful offence, so keep weary of his bomb range and always assume he will be at max power bombs.

Yellow Bomber

Tricky is his middle name, “Yellow Tricky Bomber, Esq.”
Early game he is scary, late game he is just as scary. He is not particularly lacking in anything, but starts with above average bomb count and fire power, as well as starting with bomb throw and water bombs. He loves to spam and rely on RNG to knock out other bombers. Sitting on a bomb for a second or two before grabbing to throw it can also lead to a very fast explosion at its landing site.

Counters: Green, Blue, Red, Aqua

One of the most intimidating characters to fight against, your best bet is to rely on him spamming and hitting his bombs back to him or by catching him off-guard by blowing up the blocks around him. it takes him a while to dig himself out of the starting areas at round start, so that’s the best time to handle him if you’re not green. If you are green, wait until he gets overly excited and throw off his game plan by smacking or kicking his bombs back.

Aqua Bomber

Spike bombs are awesome the character.
Spike bombs are amazing for being hyper aggressive and digging out power ups. The overwhelming force of spike bombs allows you to easily take out White or Green before they can react as well as out-speeding most of the other bombers for trapping them. Be careful grabbing fire power ups- as that can and will lead to your downfall.

Counters: White (late game,) Red, yellow

The strategy is relying on aqua self destructing in the early game or round, using characters that can easily blow up her bombs while she is setting up, or characters who can easily trap her with a powerful bomb is the key to victory. spamming bomb throws as yellow or remotely destroying her bombs as red are the best ideas to take her out after the blocks are gone.

Green Bomber

The baby bomber
Lowest stats in the game (not counting pyramid head) however starts fully powered up. bomb punch, bomb kick, bomb throw. Those are your tools, and green bomber must utilize them. a very underrated aspect of green is the power 1 bombs, these are incredibly good at defending yourself as they eat up bigger better bombs. play extremely defensive and do not try to be offensive as this character unless you see someone being reckless.

Counters: Aqua, Red, White (late game, if patient)

Countering, or more specifically taking out green is hard. You’re best off taking him out from a distance before he can do anything to counter you. Spike bombs and rubber bombs can help a lot, though approach carefully and remember that he has very low speed so he can’t hit back bombs from a far distance. Camp him out as long as you can, until he messes up.

Thanks to Rukifellth for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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