SUPER DRINK BROS: How to Use Custom Skins

SUPER DRINK BROS is a powerful and high-speed 3D action game developed by nekogameteacher. it is available on Steam now. here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to use custom skins.


How to Use Custom Skins?

step 1
Download the sample texture file in the summary section of this video

Step 2
Place the image to be used by referring to the image of the sample texture. (The right side is the front side, the left side is the back side, and there is no problem with the black part at the top)

Step 3
Save the created image and upload it to a site where you can load the image with a direct link (Example: Easy Uploder)

Step 4
Copy the direct link and click “?” On the far left of the character selection screen in the game main menu. Press the “gear mark on the can” and paste the direct link at the URL

Step 5
When you press OK and the image is displayed on the right side, skin generation is complete.

* Please do not delete the image of the direct link destination. If you delete it, the generated skin will disappear.

Credit to nekogameteacher

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