Super Meat Boy: “The Golden Gift!” Achievement Guide

With this guide I hope to help anyone who is struggling with this achievement, it certainly is a hard one. This is my first time making a guide and I wish you good luck if you are attempting this! Please remember some of these tips are subjective so not every tip might help you!


How do I Get the Achievement?

Before we start with the tips, here’s how you get the achievement, if you didn’t know.

To complete this achievement, you need to beat all 5 levels in “The Kids Xmas” chapter in Super Meat World, in one play session. This means you cannot exit the game until you complete them all. I don’t think you have to beat them chronologically, but I still recommend that you do. You can stay focused and you’ll get less frustrated. When I did it the first time (not in order) I didn’t get the achievement, but after doing them in order, I got it. That’s why I think it’s just better to play it safe. You definitely don’t want to beat this more times than you need to.

P.S. I use the word “cheese” in this guide, but I’m not talking about the thing you eat. “Cheese” means “secret way,” “exploit,” or “underhand strategy.”

General Tips

You probably already know a lot of general tips about not getting frustrated and all that, so I’ll be concise here.

  • Take small breaks every once in a while.
  • Take long breaks if you need to totally get rid of your frustration, this will help you focus.
  • This might seem obvious, but make sure you can actually beat all 5 levels before attempting this achievement.
  • If you are finding a great number of the levels difficult, try playing an assortment of levels in the Rapture and Hell chapters as The Kid. This helped me get some of the techniques consistently.
  • Watching YouTube videos of others or even TASBots beat the levels really helped me with motivation, and I even found some of the tricks used in this guide in those videos. (I’ll link some great videos to watch at the end of the guide)
  • Don’t go for the bandages, they are meaningless and don’t serve a purpose. They aren’t counted towards anything and they will just make your life harder if you try to go for them. Of course, if you really want to, you can get them.

I-1 Fruit Cake

Fruit Cake kicks it off hard right at the start, but with only 3 precise timings, This level ends up being only the 3rd hardest of the five.

“Where are the 3 hard timings?” you ask, well, they are just the 3 times you need to enter the hallways. Master these and the whole level becomes easier. If you find the platforming in the hallways hard, practice them and take your time. Don’t panic because the deadly saws are right on your tail, getting the 3 entering timings perfectly gives you lots of time to do everything right up until the exit!

Here’s a screenshot of a well timed enter on the 3rd hallway:

If you find yourself constantly dying right before you reach the exit, and you can’t get the entering timings perfectly (just like me), doing this might help you:

Sliding down the left wall gives you the most time to fall down into the exit. It’s a very small difference but it helped me a bunch.

I-2 Socks

Socks is very easy. It is the 2nd easiest level of the five. With only a little bit of skill you can cheese about half the level.

The simplest way to beat this level is to use the cheese. If you don’t want to do that and you want to beat it legit, I understand that too. I’ll show both ways of beating it here.

How to Beat it (With the Cheese)

The cheese is very simple and not hard at all. Make sure you are decent-ish at the “triple jump” strat. If you don’t know what that is, it’s very useful because it seems like it gives you 3 jumps. it doesn’t actually let you jump 3 times, But you’ll see what I mean here.

By jumping into the air, using only 1 jump, you can use your double jump to go up and, this is the most important part, MAKE SURE YOU NICK THE BLOCK! touching the block, completely or barely, will recharge your double jump. You’ll still be going upwards, but you haven’t used a jump. Now you have 2 extra jumps to use to easily get to bandage girl.

How to Beat it (Legit)

Beating this level the intended way isn’t actually that hard either, it’s just tedious. I only beat it legit once, so I don’t have a lot of tips. All i can say is practice your precision with the controller/keyboard and make use of the “triple jump” strat.

I-3 Sweater

Sweater is arguably the easiest level of the five, if you use the cheese.

Yup, there’s a cheese, and you might know about it already, but i’ll explain it here anyways. Just like before i’ll give some tips on beating it legit too.

How to Beat it (With the Cheese)

There are 8 long pillars in this level. 4 start the bottom, and 4 start at the top. To cheese this level, you simply need to jump over each of the top pillars one by one until you reach bandage girl. Just make sure you don’t go too high, or else you’ll die. I don’t have much else to say, this is very easy to do.

The Kid will go off-screen so you’ll need to guess his location. He isn’t off-screen for long so you don’t need to worry too much. Don’t forget to not get killed by the moving saws.

How to Beat it (Legit)

Just like the previous level I’ve only ever beat this level once, so I don’t have a lot of tips. Staying focused, being precise, and not going for the bandage helped me get through it. beating The Kid’s warp zone helps too.

I-4 Underwear

Underwear is the 2nd hardest level of the five. It requires very precise timings, but if you can beat I-1 consistently this level will be a breeze.

There isn’t much to say about this level. Everything is handed to you and all you have to do is beat it. One thing I have to say is, after reaching the top area, The left key unlocks the area to bandage girl. If you aren’t getting the bandages don’t get the right key because that unlocks, well, the bandage. You might die and that will suck. (definitely didn’t happen to me or anything)

I-5 Lump of Coal

Ah yes, this level. Does it need an introduction? Lump of Coal is infamous for being the hardest level of the five, and it’s right at the end too. This level is simply the first level of The Kid’s warp zone, backwards, with slight changes to make it harder and actually possible.

This whole level is hard, make sure you’ve beat it at least twice in the past before trying to beat it after 4 difficult levels. Being good at timed double jumps and precision will get you through.

Here i’ll show 3 things that can really help you beat this level if you are struggling.

1. Performing a “triple jump” right here makes the timing of the bottom screen less demanding in precision.

2. Instead of going left and right between these spikes, I found it so much easier to just double jump in the middle and land on the right side again.

3. Performing another “triple jump” right here makes the hardest timing of this chapter way less painful.

The End

Congratulations! You did it! This isn’t the hardest achievement in the game but it’s definitely brag worthy! I encourage you to show off to your friends and if this guide helped you, don’t forget to like it!

I hope you enjoyed!

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