SUPER PEOPLE CBT: Class Stats & Perks

This is a simple Google Spreadsheet I put together containing all of the different classes stats & perks   Class Stats & Perks Made by: Killuminati_Tv[] and JusJaz[] Discord: Killuminati#8006 Click to zoom in Nuclear Teleporter Firearms Expert Marine Driver Shotgun Master Gattling Soldier Seeker SWAT Sniper Strike Force Gas Soldier Thanks to Killuminati_Tv for his great guide, […]

SUPER PEOPLE CBT: Item Crafting Trees

SUPER PEOPLE Item List & Crafting Trees   Equipment Helmet Armor Backpack Assault Rifles 5.56mm M416S M16A4 F2000 ACR [Air Drops] 7.62mm AKM SCAR-H G3 Designated Marksman Rifle 5.56mm MINI-R 7.62mm SKS M1 Garand Tactical MK14EBR [Air Drops] .300Magnum WA2000 [Air Drops] Sniper Rifles 7.62mm KAR98K X40A1 .300Magnum Rare Intervention [Air Drops] Submachine Gun 9mm […]

SUPER PEOPLE: How to Change the Language

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to change the language in SUPER PEOPLE Technical Test. Note: SUPER PEOPLE’s Technical Test has begun on November 27.   How to Change the Language Step 1 Run the Game. Step 2 Setting in the right corner. Step 3 Select the second row. Step 4 Select first row for change […]