Super Steampunk Pinball 2D: 100% Achievement Guide

This helpful guide will help you get all the achievements of Super Steampunk Pinball 2D in no time !


The easy ones

Wielder of Secrets!
You just need to type “groucho” while being in the main menu.

Torpedo… Los!
This one is given right at the beginning of your first game.

Comfortably Well Off!
This one doesn’t work as intended, as of now (17/10/2019) you’ll get it with your first point.

Onwards and Upwards!
You’ll need to get to the bonus level for this one.
In order to do this, you have to fill up the steam gauges by launching the ball into the side spinners and the turboloops (the fans on each sides).

Mildly hardish ones

Pinball Acolyte!
You’ll need to get to 100m in a bonus level.
You can use the watch-ball to get more time during these stages, it will greatly simplify the climbing.

Down, but not out!
This one is unlocked when you get an extra ball, wich is given once you reach 10.000.000 points in one game.

Sticker Fiend!
Unlock each non-golden stickers. You get one sticker for every 50m in the bonus stage, up to a maximum of 6 per stage.

The hardests

Pinball Wizard!!!
This time you’ll need to get up 200m in the bonus stage !
Easier said than done, but since the bonus stage is randomly generated it’s sometime easier to climb up.
Don’t forget to use the watch-ball to get some more of this precious time.

Sticker Aficionado!!!
Get each and every sticker at least once. There’s really no secret to it, you will have to play in the bonus stage over and over again hoping to get this last missing sticker !
(You can check for your already obtained stickers in the settings)

You have to put the ball 27 times into the turboloops in one game.
(These are the kind of bonus-giving fans located at both sides of the pinball.)
If you are having a hard time not losing before reaching 27 remember that you can lower the difficulty in the settings, and try to use the tilt mechanic (spacebar) in order to save you ball from getting into the grinder.

Written by Fafafy

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