SUPERHOT MIND CONTROL DELETE: How to Get Moderately Decent

A guide to get you moderately decent at this game



If you have indeed played SUPERHOT before, you should know basic strategies. These Include:
-Punch, Catch, Shoot
-Shoot & Throw
-Throw & Punch
-Most Effective Weapons

But if you don’t know, for whatever reason, this will teach you.

Punch, Catch, Shoot
This is one of the best techniques to use in this game (or in any SUPERHOT game, for that matter) because it stuns the enemy, which stuns the enemy, causing them to drop their weapon. Because punching is the most basic attack form, it can often be a last resort. But I punch regularly because I really like the animation. Back on topic, once you attack the enemy, whatever weapon they have will be dropped. If it is a gun, the weapon will often fly towards you, allowing you to grab the weapon and fire it back at them. However, if the weapon does not fly towards you, then resort to punching, then get the weapon.

Left Click is the Shoot button, and Right Click is the throw button.

Shoot & Throw
Sometimes, you are in a really bad situation and don’t have a hotswitch ready. So when I am in a bad situation, I just shoot the most threat (whether it be a faraway Shotgun or Burst Rifle, or maybe just a really close melee guy) and throw the weapon at the secondary threat. You need to be quick thinking on who you are going to shoot and who you are going to throw at. Your fingers need to know what to do as well. As fast as you can and as little time wasted, Left Click and Right Click.

This is one of the last resorts, and must only be used wisely!

Throw & Punch
This is a fun one. When you are out of ammo, text will flash saying one of the few sayings:
-It’s Out
-You’re Out
-Out of Ammo
-It’s Empty
If you see any of these, the next Left Click WILL ALWAYS THROW YOUR GUN. If you have someone in front of you and because you are so bad you miss all your shots, throw your gun at them and punch them until they shatter and you see their life force drain as they fall.

This is a really fun method to use, but must only be used if either your gun is out of ammo or isn’t reloading fast enough

One of THE MOST useful features in SUPERHOT is the Hotswitch. The only trait of the ADDICT is the Hotswitch, so if you want to use this, I suggest the ADDICT. However, although the Hotswitch is very useful and can be a life saver, it must be used strategically, whether you need to escape a group of red dudes or need to get the final kill and recieve the SUPERHOT. The best technique is to hot switch behind a guy that is about to hit or shoot you and punch them from behind. After the Hotswitch is done, the guy’s body that you left will have their head explode, thus giving you another kill and one less guy to worry about. If you’ve already used the Hotswitch it will recharge. Basic recharge is about 5 seconds in real time and like a minute standing still. If it is on or not and you try to use it it will either say:

Every mind (the ADDICT is a mind) has a different skill, and to use it press E on your keyboard, or whatever you set it to. For example, the ADDICT, having Hotswitch will have to be facing towards someone to use the ability, if not, the screen will say “Choose a Body” And if you are pointing at an enemies gun, you CANNOT use it until you hit it’s body.

Most Effective Weapons
Personally, the most effective weapons are the Pistol, because it has a lot of ammo, and the Katana, because of it’s reach and how ultra satisfying it is. A pistol has an average 3-5 shots and occasionally and if you are lucky, 8. Katana, unlike any other melee weapon can be used infintely. Other Weapons:
-Plank (About 4-5 uses)
-Pipe (About 4 uses)
-Baseball Bat (About 5-6 uses)
-Crowbar (About 5 uses)
-Burst Rifle (Fires 3 bullets at a time, and can be fired an average of 4-5 times; Short Reload)
-Shotgun (Fires a devastating blast of about 12 Bullets, but can only be fired twice before empty; long reload)
Glass can knock weapons out of enemies hands


The strategies are different for every map!
Maps Include:
-Office (From SUPERHOT)
-Art Gallery (I think)
-Oil Rig (From SUPERHOT VR)
-Bar (From SUPERHOT)
-Car crash (I have no idea what the map names are)
-Outdoor Car
-Staircases (Vases)
-Security Room (The one with the bridge above with a shotgun on it)

These were from my memory, so correct me if I’m wrong.

This map has 3 main spawn points.
-Center Cubicle
-End Cubicle
-Back Cubicle

The best spawn is the Back Cubicle, where there is a suitcase and a pistol waiting for you on the desk. It also has a nice camping place behind it, where you can shoot around the corner at incoming red guys and shoot at the entrance of the cubicle.

The End Cubicle is the second best, as there is a place to hide in a room where red guys come in, so you can shoot at them as they come in and shoot at the guys that are near all the sculptures of buildings that are throwables.

The Center Cubicle is the worst place to spawn. There is no where to hide, as you are near the center of the map. However, the map does have three red guys on the right most of the time where you can Hotswitch into the back guy and kill them from behind.

This is the map that has caused me the absolute most trouble. It has a model plane hanging from the ceiling and a shuriken in the first spawnpoint. The two spawns on this map is:
-Railing Above
-In front of the katana below

The Railing Above is the worst spawn and unfortunately the most common. There are a lot of guys willing to shoot you on the floor below, and the strategy for this spawn is hard to think of. The best thing to do is travel to the left and travel along the wall where you can jump on the model plane and maybe attack the guys below you.

In front of the katana is the better place to spawn because it provides you with more things to do. There is a really handy wall next to you, where two model airplanes are on the table next to it. Those are my first line of defense. I throw them at anyone who has a gun and take it from there. But you are vulnerable at this wall because there are two opening where anyone can come through.

I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH HOW IMPORTANT USING THE HOTSWITCH STRATEGICALLY IN THIS MAP IS! Hotswitch H, Hotswitch, Hotswitch! It is CRUCIAL to use the Hotswitch to the best of your ability, for example, hiding from the guys behind the wall is not the best way to do this, as it can lead to hits. So Hotswitch to guys left and right, because there is a shotgun mounted on a wall to the right of the wall.

Art Gallery
The Art Gallery is instantly recogizable by all of it’s paint canvas’ and paint materials everywhere. A very Bob Rossy feel to it. It has 4 main spawns:
-Bottom Floor Bottom Right Corner
-Bottom Floor Top Left Corner
-Top Floor Bottom Right Corner
-Top Floor Top Left Corner

The Bottom Floors are the absolutely without a doubt the worst places to spawn. So bad as far as I restart the level to get a better spawn. Because all of the red guys take refuge on the bottom floor, it is absolutely inevitable you will lose at least a heart, and we all know that feeling! The only strategies I can think of down on the bottom is wait for a guy on the top and Hotswitch into them.

The Top Floor Bottom Right Corner is where you are near a rack and a canvas. The better weapon in this circumstance is an Art Pallet. Surprisingly anything that is anyway similar to a ninja star can be thrown so. The Art Pallet is an effective weapon and is satisfying.

The Top Floor Top Left is the best place to spawn. To your left, there is your area of refuge. And to your right and behind you is a shelf of Art Pallets. Almost all the red guys come from the left, so you can throw some of the pyramids at them and take their weapons. It’s simple and effective. But be careful, people can sneak behind you and take you down.

Oil Rig
A very bright level. Spawns:
-Control Room
-Top South
-Bottom South

The Control Room is decent, but because you are facing towards glass and not people can be the fate of some players. There is a gun and and a few other throwables on the desk in front of you.

Top South is where you are in front of a hole and could knock a guy off and kill them. Another guy is on the other side of the hole and can be a huge threat if not taken care of in time.

Bottom South is my preferred spawn, as there are many things you can hide behind. The nearest guy will almost always carry a weapon and are relatively close. Punch them and obtain their weapon. I beat SUPERHOT MCD Impossible (Before the runs) doing this strategy.

Came from the original SUPERHOT. Spawns:
-Behind the Bar
-Stripper Pole

Bathroom is the best, most strategic place to spawn. A truly magnificent spawn area and a blessing upon those who are stressed over the game. Because the bathroom door is so small, it only lets in a few people and you can take their weapon and use it against everything. A few guys spawn in the bathroom, but are easy kills.

Behind the Bar, is the second worst place. It has alot of throwables, but that can’t protect you all the time. People in the far back have a clear shot at you if you don’t take cover. Their are two people to your right, and one person on your left. These three people all have weapons and can hit you without effort.

Stripper Pole, is the worst place of all. Two people have a clear shot at you in front of you and on top of that are on lower ground. I reccommend pressing escape and try loading again and getting another spawn. Anything is better than that spawn.

The Kitchen is the second best area to spawn. There is a gun on the table infront of you, and the walls provide decent cover when taking fire. However, when the gun runs out, you have to jump over to the other side of the kitchen and take the knife sitting on the table, but this gives the red guys the ability to come in and shoot you.

Indoor Car Crash
Truly a stressful level, took so many years off my life and so many hearts from my lives. There is only one spawn and that’s high up.

This map is instantly recognizable, similar to the museum. There is a katana lodged in on a statue in front of you. But a guy is waiting to get you on the bottom. I suggest take one of the cinderblocks at your feet and give it your best throw to knock out their gun. Mostly, they always go for the farthest gun, giving you time to jump down and slice them. However, the size of the map is big, having more red guys come out, can get extremely difficult and might need a lot of training before getting right.

Outdoor Car

This map has a good strategy that helps me a lot while playing. Spawns:
-Behind a glass wall
-Behind a car with a baseball bat in it
-On the right side of the car

The glass wall spawn is the best, as it gives you easy access to the perfect spot in the level. The perfect spot is in one of the hallways of the spawners. Similar to bar, it has a small opening where you can easily kill people if you get their weapons. There are people that spawn occasionally there, so shoot at the spawner a couple of times when you see a red glow and it will kill the person coming out before they have the chance to go out.

The baseball bat car can be difficult to master, as once you recieve the weapon, you have to immediately throw it at a guy to knock out the weapon in their hand. But there is a guy who is behind you who will not hesitate shooting you. If you do get past the guys, immediately head to the room where refuge is found.

On the right side of the car, there is about two people. One close to you, and one far from you.
There are also red guys who are stationed on top of the car who are ready to take you on. If you kill those guys, go to the car and take the weapons there.

Maps Part 2

-Staircases (Vases)
-Security Room (The one with the bridge above with a shotgun on it)

The Staircases
May seem easy at first, but it gets really hard by the time you get to RUN_9. Spawns:
-Top Floor
-Bottom Floor

The Top Floor is the bad spawn. Why? Because off the bat, there are 3 guys ready to kill you, almost all have weapons. If I spawn here, I pick up the bat to my right and throw it at the nearest guy. I then Hotswitch into the guy to the most right. I then get behind that pillar and pick up the ninja stars. This strategy has proven well in some cases but in others it isn’t successful. Too many guys come up the stairs trying to kill you.

The Bottom Floor is the better spawn. Why? Because you spawn near another spawn area for red guys that have vases there. I pick them up and throw them at guys and steal their weapons. From there, you can hide inside and wait for people to round the corner before you take them all down.

This is the map that I beat Godlike mode on before the Story update. Spawns:
-Right Side of Glass Wall
-Left side of glass wall
-Behind hospital beds

The most common spawn is the right side of the glass wall and you are immediately brought into a fight. The guy to your right is easy to take on, but he is merely a distraction to make you waste time. Other guns soon shoot the glass and all you hear is a loud glass shattering noise. Best thing to do is continue to your right where there seems to be a spawn and a table. Keep going until you see feet out of the side of the wall. There is a shotgun there that could be useful.

On the other side of the glass wall, things get terrible. In front of you a couple guys round the corner and start shooting. Take one out, and another should spawn to your right. hotswitch. More to the right is near where the third spawn is. A few throwables are there that could help you obtain weapons.

The third spawn is to the left of the second spawn, behind a wall. You are near two guys with guns, and a gun lies to the right. If not obtained by another enemy, grab it. Around the wall corner you see the first spawn and a few guys running towards you. Shoot them. Proceed to shoot the enemies that were first before moving on. Given time, more guys will round the corner and use that to your advantage. Surprise them with throwing things and take their weapons.

Security Room
I think that’s what it’s called. Spawns:
-Staircase to your left
-Bottom Floor controls

The staircase to your left is the second best place to spawn. Two guys are in front of you and another is to your right. Throw something at the guy on the right and throw another at the guy with a weapon in front of you. Take whatever weapon you want and take them out. If a guy is present in the top, and Hotswitch. Now that your on the bridge, take the CD’s and throw them like Ninja Stars.

The Bottom Control Room is probably the worse place to spawn in the map, as you are far from weapons and have guys with weapons around you. The closest guy should have a gun of sort, and before they have the time to lift it, punch them and take their gun. If you can, take out the other guys that will swarm the room, but if not, Hotswitch to a guy on top if there are any.

The Bridge is the better place. Repeat the strategy from before by taking the CD’s and treating them as ninja stars. Once out, people will swarm the stairs and I suggest Hotswitching to the lowest guy and punching them all in the back.

Another stressful level. Spawns:
-Behind Table
-On Stairs

The bathroom contains a gun in a sink, but it’s risky because there are three guys at the doorway ready to shoot you up. I hotswitch into the left most guy and hid behind the wall while throwing nknja Stars. While taking out all the red guys, I hotswitch into a person near the stairs, as the stairs are a good spot to spawn in.

Behind the table is right in front of the stairs. Many things are on the table, but the best thing is to hotswitch Behind the guy to your left and beat him up from behind. After that, take hold of the shotgun near the top of the stairs and use it to kill the nearest guy. Wait for reload and fire to the right, many people will be there.

Stairs is the better place to be and use the same strategy as above.

The Plaza is an easy map and when it’s my next level I’m relieved. Spawns:
-Double Rooftop
-Cash Register

Rooftop is the smallest spawn and is only reachable from outside stairs. Mostly, two guys wait for you, a guy on the stairs and a guy in front. Punch the guy in front and dodge the bullets of the other one and steal the gun. Attack from above.

Double Rooftop is the larger one and is reachable by three different ways. Two outdoor stairs and one indoor stairs. Same thing as the small Rooftop, but you have to worry about long shooters.

Cash Register is the easiest spawn. You spawn near a bunch of reachable throwables that are used nicely. Same old strategy, throw and take. Hotswitch if needed.

This level is REALLY BRIGHT! Spawns:
-Car 1
-Car 2
-Car Opening

The first car is the one where two guys are in there with you. They are easy to take down and mostly have weapons that are easy to take. Grabbing the weapons, kill the guys and move back until there’s an exit, keep shooting and when you’re out, grab the assault rifle next to seats.

The second car is the northern most car. A shotgun guy is normally very close.

The main stairs have mini cups that can be thrown at the two guys in front of you. This allows more weapons.

The Car Entrance is where most shotguns are. Two guys are in the car and one is on the right.

From original SUPERHOT. Spawns:
-Bottom Left Corner
-Top Left Corner
-Mid Right Section
-Inside the room

The left hand side of the map is not great. Things are everywhere, and there is no clear strategy. The best thing is to circle a structure until you get your hands on a weapon.

the mid Right section is the hardest spawn. Two guys are in front of you and mostly have shotguns, and to your left another guy is there. If you can, hotswitch into the guy to your left.

The lab. The best spawn is where you are in the actual room. I hop over to the left side and kill that guy and use his gun against his friends. However, if the situation is extreme, Hotswitch to the farthest back guy.

Dojo 2
Another kind of martial arts map that is in this game.

There are many throwables in this level. Most of them are the traditional (topiary?) trees that are commonly used as decoration in China, Japan, etc. As before mentioned somewhere in this guide, throwing things at other things is good. However, in the newest update, all melee weapon guys (Baseball Bats, Katanas, Pipes, etc) can now deflect them.

Personally, this map is my favorite.

Because this map is so open, puncing is probably not a very good choice. Use ranged weapons such as guns to attack, but if you are the DOG mind, consider throwing a bunch of things at the guys to knock out their weapons, and then use them as either more throwables or as a weapon.

Gas Station
Even though this map drops me down to 20-23 FPS, it is still pleasing to the eye.

This one shares many similarities with the Outdoor Car Crash, a building in the middle, and cars scattered around the place. Because it is so similar to Outdoor Car Crash, there is a really good area where red guys come out of, and where you can hide in. Go check out the article on Outdoor Car Crash on this guide for details. One thing this has that OCC doesn’t have, is a whole load of throwables. Because it is a market, the amount of things you can throw is up there. Use those to your advantage.

This one is as big as the art one.

There is one particular place in this map that is good for camping. It is on the second floor in a corridor that has a bunch of cells along the RIGHT.


As of right now, there are three playable minds. You should probably already know what these are, so this will be very brief.

Description: A person so addicted to the game that she uploaded her mind into the system
The ADDICT is the first mind you unlock after the tutorial using TEST MIND. The ADDICT’s only trait is the Hotswitch. I have covered what the Hotswitch does so this will be a list of good strategies to use with it.
-Finish the Level
-Behind a Guy
-Into a guy with a gun
-Throwing a weapon at an enemy and Hotswitching.

The very last strategy gives you two benefits. Because when you Hotswitch your new body throws away the weapon, you can throw your weapon at the guy your Hotswitching into. This allows you to catch the weapon you throw and automatically refills it.

Description: Needs Healing
The NINJA is unlocked after completing RUN_1 I believe. When RUN_1 is finished and the decryption module is done, instead of the game sending you to the RUNS, it will show the NINJA unlocked. This is a really satisfying mind. In a nutshell, the NINJA is exactly as it sounds like. You have slow-mo jump, which if you’ve played the original SUPERHOT, is extremely useful. The traits are as followed:
-Summon Katana
-Slow-Mo Jump
-Start With Katana
The NINJA also has quicker movement, meaning you can go longer distances and less time wasted. Although the NINJA may seem easy, it is better to train before being dedicated to the NINJA. It can be tricky to get used to, especially after playing the ADDICT for a while.


Going back into the lore of the original SUPERHOT, the DOG mind is unlocked around halfway down the pyramid. This mind is really hard to get used to, for various reasons.
-It only has one heart (you get more as you kill, but one is the start)
-You can’t shoot
One of the best MODS this mind has is “KillerCharge” it is really fun and can really help out in the long run (no pun intended). As some of you already know, before any MODs, you press E to charge into an enemy. However, this only stuns the enemy, and doesn’t kill it. So the first thing I recommend getting in the MOD menu is KillerCharge. Trust me, really satisfying.

As for strategies for this mind, it can be pretty difficult. Because like every other red guy has a gun, you kind of have to just dodge everything, at least until you get close enough to charge, (and no I don’t believe that you can get damaged mid-charge). A thing that could potentially help is getting “punch bullet” which I don’t know which of the three starter MODs has it. Unfortunately, the DOG mind does not have it’s own animations yet.


There are 4 main types of enemies. But each of these enemies have different variations.
1. Basic Red Guy
-Basic Pistol
-Basic Shotgun
-Basic Burst Rifle
-Basic FishGun
-Basic Katana
-Basic Pipe
-Basic Knife
-Basic Crowbar
-Basic Baseball Bat
-Basic Plank

2. Glitched Red Guy
-Glitched Pistol
-Glitched Shotgun
-Glitched Burst Rifle
-Glitched FishGun
-Glitched Katana
-Glitched Pipe
-Glitched Knife
-Glitched Crowbar
-Glitched Baseball Bat
-Glitched Plank

3. Concrete Guy
-Concrete Pistol
-Concrete Shotgun
-Concrete Burst Rifle
-Concrete FishGun
-Concrete Katana
-Concrete Pipe
-Concrete Knife
-Concrete Crowbar
-Concrete Baseball Bat
-Concrete Plank

4. Mushroom Infected Guy
-Mushroom Pistol
-Mushroom Shotgun
-Mushroom Assault/Burst Rifle
-Mushroom FishGun
-Mushroom Katana
-Mushroom Pipe
-Mushroom Knife
-Mushroom Crowbar
-Mushroom Baseball Bat
-Mushroom Plank

As you can probably tell, the second part of the name is defined by the weapon they have. So I am going to break the melee and ranged weapons into different groups, because the two groups have similar strategies in correspondance to each of the weapons within that group. Let’s begin.

Ranged Weapons
These contain all the weapons that are guns. As you could probably guess, dodging bullets is probably the best thing to do, but believe it or not, dodging bullets is the last thing you need to do.

Pistol: This is the least of your worries in the Ranged Weapons. Because pistols fire only one bullet at a time, it is very easy to deflect that bullet and stop it from getting to you. Best thing to do to pistol guys is to throw something at them. Chances are the bullet will hit what you throw and will knock the weapon out of their hand.

Shotgun: Shotguns fire a load of bullets out at you. What you should do is put as much distance between you because when they shoot, the bullets will spray out and might not hit you. But I would not recommend this method. What I do is get close to them and move from left to right. The Red Guys are stupid, and will shoot wherever you were before you moved. Because it takes a long time to reload the Shotgun, you can punch it out of their hand.

Burst Rifle: This is the most of your worries. The Burst Rifle guys come in on the further RUNS. Around 4 or 5 is when they come. They have no reload and fire three bullets at a time. The only possible way to stop it is either find something close and throw, or just Hotswitch.

Melee Weapons
All of these act the same, so only a short summary will be here. These guys are easy. They take a while to run towards you, and have weapons that could easily be destroyed. Punch or shoot them.

Red Guys

Basic form of defense. Easily destroyed. Weapons easily obtainable. Use basic methods such as punching to take them out.

Recommended Weapon: Pistol

Glitched Red Guys

These are the same as the normal red guys but more frustrating. This is because whatever they pick up turns red, hence making it unusable for you. But these guys can also be relief if they have one of the weapons that are hard to beat. This includes shotguns and burst rifles. Throw anything at them and the weapon will break.

Recommended Weapon: Any throwable

Concrete Guys

Decent Threat. These guys are easy to distinguish in the croud because are mostly white. But this whiteness is because those are parts of them that will stun them and not kill them, no matter what you attack it with. The only ways to kill these guys is to aim for the red parts of their body. Those are the only vulnerable parts of them.

Recommended Weapon: Your Fists or any throwable

Mushroom Infected Guy

Just so you know, I have not has much experience with this guy but what I do know is that it acts like a mushroom, so I will go off about this guy. These guys are red (like glitched guy and normal guy) but have red spikes that make it distinguishable. Because Mushrooms make bullets fly either in one direction or in a 360 degree radius, the mushroom guy will act the same. However, because they don’t seem to be growing on walls, I’d say that the bullets that explode from this guy fires in a 360 degree radius. I say stay as far from this guy and shoot him from a far, as the bullets will spread out more which makes it less likely to hit you.

After playing a little bit of SHMCD this morning, I noticed that Mushroom Infected Guys spawn on RUN_07 – Every other runs after. I also found a new strategy with them. Try trapping them inside of a corridor and shoot them from around the corner. This will likely help as most bullets that explode out of it will hit the wall, meaning less danger for you and a smaller probability of being hit by one.


I already have a little bit covered on this topic, but with the addition of the new “Fishgun” it seems easier just to make a section dedicated to weapons.


Perhaps the most common weapon in the game, as most red guys like to have them.

Normally, it has around 5-8 shots in it and a reload time of two seconds when moving around (not official number, don’t quote me). There are a couple strategies I will cover with this weapon.

Strategy 1: When surrounded by three guys that have melee weapons and one ranged, it might be hard to think, as when you shoot the ranged guy, the other two are almost to you, perhaps about to hit. The thing I do and probably most of you do is to shoot the ranged guy, turn to a melee guy, throw the gun at a melee guy, turn around to the other one, and punch them once or twice. Keep switching the punches until they are dead.

Strategy 2: This strategy is probably best for those of you have unlocked the “Slowmo Jump” MOD for the ADDICT. The NINJA won’t be good for this because of the slow reloads. So when you have a pistol in hand and you are outnumbered by the guys really close to you with all guns, you jump over one guy and shoot them in the back, and most of the bullets (if they fired them) would have fired in a different direction and missed you. Repeat jumping over guys and firing your pistol at them. Be Advised: This strategy is really risk taking, as jumping speeds up time by a little even with the slow motion jumping.


A very deadly weapon and ultra satisfying.

Always, this weapon has 2 shots. In the original SUPERHOT, there was a chance where you could fire 3, but we aren’t talking about the original. Two very efficient strategys are present.

First things first, grab a shotgun. The best way to use the shotgun and the way the developers intended it to be used as is a weapon to kill more than one guy in a singular shot. The best way to do this is to position yourself in a corridor, (best examples of some are the Outdoor Car Crash, and the subway map, more or less) and when most guys are in the corridor trying to kill you and are side by side, fire away. The shotgun’s multiple pellets would disperse to the shape of the corridor and destroy every living thing it hits. However, the flaw of this strategy is that it will most likely not kill anything behind the first row of the guys you killed.

In the new update, Shotguns can now act as melee weapons when out of ammo! It makes it so much more fun to use them. So after you do the first strategy (if you choose to do it) and all of your ammo is out, don’t throw the shotgun unless an enemy is farther than melee attacking distance. If an enemy is in attacking distance, wait for the shotgun melee weapon to be ready. Keep backing up little by little until it is, and when it is, hit them with the shotgun. It’s so much more fun than just throwing it.

Assault/Burst Rifle

This weapon is actually kind of hard to aim with and difficult to master.

This weapon has 20 bullets in it. (You can fire it 5 times and it fires 4 at a time)

The best thing to do with this is to get 4 guys in a row right next to each other. It is important to be next to eachother or else the bullets would hit the first guys dead body. As you probably guessed, you need to fire the bullets in a line that matches the line of the 4 guys, so each bullet hits one guy.

Sometimes though, the guys are in different places in the map at one time. If you have them all in your eyesight, you fire the weapon at the left most guy, snap to the next, and to the next, and to the next until they are all dead. However, this strategy is not recommended to new players.


The newest addition to this game was introduced in the last update. The Fishgun looks kind of like a catfish, hence it’s name, and it’s really fun.

The reload time is slow, and has 2 shots. Even if I don’t have a load of experience with this weapon, I do believe it doesn’t need a proper strategy to master.

I think this is what you in the comment section were talking about when you said “glitched weapon” or “like a sniper”. Well, it kind of is a sniper! The bullets fire extremely fast, almost instantaneous. This makes it one of the best weapons in the game. Even with the happy parts of this weapon, it is extremely dangerous in the hands of an enemy. If a Fishgun enemy is behind you and you don’t know it, it will hit you due to how fast the bullets go. At that point, you’re pretty damn screwed. However, if you do see a Fishgun enemy, the best thing to do is hotswitch into them. If you are playing on NINJA, well, try hiding behind a wall.

Katanas and Melee Weapons

These are simple enough, so I won’t spend too much time on them. The best melee weapon in the game is in fact the katana, no doubt, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need a strategy.

Katana Strategy: The Katana is effective because of it’s long range compared to other melee weapons, it’s piercing throw, and the fact that it makes you feel like a total badass. Katana Enemies used to be more of a delivery man rather than a legitament threat, so a few updates back, the team added that they can cut off your arm. Gathering a Katana now is much harder than it was before, so I will provide a tutorial on how to get one slightly easier: Become NINJA (It comes with one), if not, find a Katana Guy and throw something at them. If not, find one in the map, a few maps have them randomly spawn. Ok, back on track. The thing to do whilst holding a Katana is to abuse it’s range and speed. Say someone is in front of you, about to smack you with a baseball bat and someone behind you is about to shoot your head off. Slice the first guy in half, quickly turn around, and throw the thing. That makes you kill two enemies fast. If your playing as the NINJA and your retrieve is ready, if you somehow miss with the Katana throw, position yourself so enemies are in between you and your Katana, and retrieve. The Katana will start slicing through each of them and you feel so happy.

Melee Strategy
The following strategy goes for each of the Melee weapons, because they act all the same.

Because Melee weapons aren’t everyones first choice rather than the Katana, the strategy is simple. Scenario: A shooter is infront of you, and you are wielding a baseball bat or any melee weapon. Because you know that you can’t get close enough to it without being shot, you need to improvise. Get rid of the weapon. Throw the melee weapon and steal the gun.

Scenario 2: A guy is directly in front of you, and you wield a plank that’s currently “reloading” and you can’t use it. THROW IT! If you can use it, beat them, and walk back. More guys come, so you go forward and smack them. Do the same until the weapon is on it’s last stage of existing, and throw the last piece. (It will throw automatically rather than hit)


“Oh gosh oh golly oh gee oh my, is this how I die?” -Me when the beeping noise is getting really loud.

The Shroom was released a few updates back, and it really adds a gameplay aspect to MCD.

These things are both a blessing and a curse. It could really clear numerous enemies but could also damage you. It is important for these things to be used correctly or you will be gifted by a not-so-fun result. Shrooms can be triggered by any throwable (Guns, Ninja Stars, Paintings, etc.) by bullets from guns, when an enemy shoots it, or when you get too close to it.

The best thing to do is put as much distance between you and the shroom, occasionally if a shroom is triggered, the bullets spray out in different directions, like a scattershot from a shotgun, and this gives you a slightly better chance of dodging the bullets. If that is currently impossible, position yourself to the side of a shroom and avoid it at all costs. If a shroom is on a surface between you and a safe place (safe places are mentioned in the maps section of this guide) you want to not cross it and get shot by a thousand bullets, so the best thing to do is either stay in that one place or hotswitch, but take the risk, or avoid the risk and get rid of the shroom by triggering it (above paragraph). The risk avoiding does have it’s consequence because you can’t use it in your favor, but you’ll be grateful you avoided the risk.

If any of the above is impossible, use the shroom in your favor. A good example of this is in the hospital map (the one with microscopes and bodies). On this map, shrooms like to spawn in great places. When you spawn behind the glass, there could be a shroom on the wall in front and to the left of you. One of the best things to do is to line up a bunch of red guys in the hall and aim for the shroom, the burst of bullets will come out, and an ear splitting shatter will be heard as all the guys in the hall instantly die. So satisfying. Try this technique on different maps, examples of good ones are:
-Art Gallery
-Security Room
-Museum (Depends on the locations)

Examples of bad maps for this technique (meaning the map is open and hard to judge):
-Oil Rig
-Indoor car crash
-Outdoor car crash

A lot of you may be familiar with this, but shrooms don’t have happy feelings when you get close to them, maybe they just have social anxiety, but if you hear a really loud and rapidly beeping noise, GET OUT OF THAT POSITION! I have far too much experience getting to close to them and within an instant, boom! Red flashes on your screen or you die. Best way to escape is either hotswitching, or jumping in the opposite direction (say it’s on your right, jump left).

Shrooms are one of those features in a game that are hard to get used to. But when you learn how to use them to your advantage and avoid them, then you are all set.

Give me suggestions in the comments on what to add, or any strategies you’d like to be added, I’ll credit you!

This addition was requested by [SFPLG] Myriad453.


All challenges have been completed!

Let’s start with the first one. Chibi!

This challenge is the first one unlocked and I would be lying if I said it wasn’t actually adorable. The small guys are hard to hit though. Punching or Melee is not recommended, unless the melee is a piercing throwable like the Katana. Honestly the best thing to do is throw a piercing throwable at them, like Ninja Stars, Katanas, Paint Palletes, Clocks (If you are close enough), Throwing Knives, Floppy Disks, CD’s, or any other. If you can’t use a gun but aim with caution.

No healing

Be careful with this one. If you can, use the debug console and select “KillHeal” but if you want to play it legit, avoid enemies as much as you can or Hotswitch into other enemies to get away from a bad situation. Weapons that are recommended are long range weapons like all guns. I prefer the FishGun because of how fast the bullet travels. If a melee enemy is too close and within attacking distance, don’t be afraid to throw whatevery thing you have at it and stun them, if it’s a melee, attack.

10 Bad Sectors

Play this as you would normally, there is just more levels.

Guns Break in one shot

This challenge is difficult because you need to pick and choose what enemies and what weapons to use. In these levels, stone/concrete guys are the most challenging, as you can only hit one part of them. Best weapons to use are piercing throwables, because you can pull them straight out of the enemies, which I know sounds brutal but hey, it’s SUPERHOT. If throwables aren’t present, the best guns are the shotgun (because it fires a load at once) and the FishGun (because it is very accurate).

15 Bad Sectors

Like 10 Bad Sectors but 5 more levels.


This one, THIS ONE is competing with the last challenge level for 1st place of the most stressful level sequences. As most of you probably know, the view is upside down, making the mouse controls flipped. In reality, the mouse controls are exactly the same but because the thing is upside down, the mouse controls go with it. Along with that, the controls are all weird. Like, W is to go back, S is to go forward, A is to go to the left, and D is to go to the right. Really the only strategy to this is look around and look out. The guys aren’t too bad (thankfully), but it just really is hard to grasp. Try playing upside down. In other words, good luck lmao.

Enemies Spawn Faster/Weaker Punches

This really is just the NINJA with Hotswitch. It takes 4 punches to kill a guy (which I am totally fine with because I LOVE the animations), which you can bring back to default with the StrongPunches MOD. Getting this one or the SpawnWithRandom is probably your best bet. Hotswitch is kind of useless because there is only 3 levels, so the other two are better. This challenge is really easy though.

Shotgun Mayhem

Lol this is a fun one. Rather than being challenging it is kind of fun just to play. More like a minigame more than anything. Basically, this challenge is just literally everyone and everything having a shotgun (even you). Strategy? Check the weapons section of this guide, it’ll tell you the main strategies for them. Kaboom.

20 Bad Sectors

Same thing as 10 and 15 Sectors. Just with more levels.

More Enemies, Faster Spawns, Longer Sections

This one might be a bit overwhelming. With more enemies that spawn faster and last longer, the amount of stress on the player is immense. And when you approach the end of the level and don’t see anyone else, anxiety spikes up. I suggest on this challenge to consistently spin 360 after killing someone, so you know if anything bad is around you. Attack with bursts of bullets (like Assault Rifle or Shotgun) to kill multple things at once. If using a Katana, slice someone and throw the katana at someone else. Constantly knock things out of the hands of enemies so you have more firepower.

No skills, no healing, more enemies and breaking guns

This is by far the most stress inducing challenge out there. Not only do you not have any special skills (Hotswitching or Katana Retrieve), but you only have one heart, more enemies, and guns that break after a single shot. Be extremely careful with this one. Most enemies will have a weapon that is better than yours, so you have to be strategic about it. Hide behind as many solid objects as you can, slice bullets with a katana or do anything you can do avoid getting hit. The MODs I recommend for this challenge are the StartWithRandom and StrongPunches. You start with a random firearm or a Katana in the start of each round and you can use that to your advantage. And if push comes to shove, restart the level! Do that by pressing escape. It will take you out of the level, and you can go back to continue.exe and you can do that level again.

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