Supreme Commander Forged Alliance: Sorian AI Guide (How to Install)

For Steam version only. Sorian AI 2.1.1 is for original DVDs with nearly the same instructions.


Downloading The Sorian AI
1. Go to
2. Go to “Downloads” tab at the top.
3. Download “”. (Most current as of 6th Sept 2020)

Installing the Sorian AI
1a. Unzip and place SCD files into your installation, the default being C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Supreme Commander Forged Alliance\gamedata

1b. Custom installations can be accessed through right-clicking the game in library, Properties – Local Files – Browse Local Files.

2. It will work once you see “[Player] (LEM4.6) Is using: Sorian AI 2.1.2;” whenever you host or join a game, single or multiplayer.


Benefits of Sorian AI
IMPORTANT – Reduces AI lag over time effect, especially in longer or 8 player games

Sorian AI is generally smarter, will use Tech 3 units more often

Focuses on building 1 experimental at a time over spamming unfinished builds

Will use TACs to maul experimentals

Capable of stealth TAC firebases for the offensive

ACUs will perform personal upgrades more often

You can request engineers from your allied AIs; specify which AI in chat box, type in “give me an engineer”

Highlights of Sorian AI
The AI will recognize and react to certain ally chat commands.

The AI will notify allies of who the AI’s primary target is.

The AI will notify allies about when and where the AI is firing nukes through chat and a map ping.

The AI will respond to enemy T4 threats.

The AI will upgrade its commander.

Improved Sim speed over the retail Forged Alliance AI.

Many of the bugs and typos in the retail Forged Alliance AI have been fixed.

Improved econ and build orders.

The AI will refrain (as much as possible) from shooting into cliffs.

The AI will taunt enemies.

The AI will recognize and react to ally pings (F5, F6, and F7).

The AI will group its T4 units.

The AI will go nuts when it has a Paragon.

The AI now features a Strategy Manager.

There is now a support system for custom units.

The AI will now gather and react to Intel.

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