Survival Classic Tips with FAQ

Here are some questions & answers for the beginners.


Q: How to make a fire?
A: First, we need an ax, then we chop a tree that caught your eye, if there is enough for you, we combine Newspaper / Gasoline with Firewood – and it is almost ready. Combine Matches / Lighter with Firewood (Combined with Newspaper or Gasoline), look for a suitable place for it – and the fire is ready. You can warm up and fry food.

Q: Does the clothing provide thermal insulation or other properties?
A: Clothes do not provide thermal insulation, but backpacks allow you to increase your Weight, and helmets can save your life from bullets.

Q: What is in arms, and where to find it?
A: Weapons are found almost everywhere, from pistols to sniper rifles from a machine gun, like cartridges, but finding a store / box for them is a matter of luck (Pistol magazines are most common). But the best weapons, along with stores / boxes, come across in locations such as Siberian, Bunker, Airfield and in one of the Caves, as well as in military boxes that are scattered almost everywhere. There are also body kits for them – mufflers and sights.

Q: There are shops / boxes, what to do with them?
A: The magazine / box can be left in case you are looking for a replacement for your weapon, or in order to have another second or third weapon in your inventory. You can also discharge them if you need ammo by pressing Ctrl + RMB on the desired magazine. In order to load the magazine, you need to drag the appropriate cartridges to the magazines. Also, weapons AEK971, AN-94, as well as the AK and RPK series can be powered by different magazines under the same caliber. In any case, to save weight, it is better to take 2 magazines for one weapon (the first one is immediately in the weapon).

Q: What locations are there, and how many cards are in the game?
A: There is only one map in the game, and the locations are as follows – Aerodrome, Atamanino, Bykovo, Bunker (next to the Aerodrome), Siberian, Hospital, and two caves (the first is between the Aerodrome and Sovetskaya, the second is next to Sovetskaya).

Q: Where can I find transport, and how to get it?
A: Transport appears in three locations: Hangars in the Aerodrome and Siberian (Accidentally), and Soviet. For the transport to work, you need to move the Battery and Fuel to the stern. Also, each transport has its own trunk size and speed – Passenger cars have medium / high speed with a small trunk, Trucks, on the contrary, have bodies and you can put a lot of things, while they have a low speed, SUVs have a balance between trunk size and speed, Vans and Tractors on the contrary, they have a low speed and small trunk size. Also, transport has its own long-term performance.

Q: Found the Hangars, but the gate could not be opened. How can you open them?
A: It is impossible to open the gates of the Hangars, but you can blow them up with Dynamite, combined with a Clock and Ammonal (Both items are rare). To activate dynamite, you need to double-click on the Dynamite, and then stick it to the gates of the Hangars, step back – and boom, the gates are open. After leaving the hangars, think about whether you took the things you need or not, otherwise the gate may reappear if you leave the hangars.

Q: What about AI?
A: AI is also there, but without people: Some animals and mutants. It is easy to kill them, except for Bears, in a rare case – Dead Wolves and Freks. If you do not want to make contact – jump to the place where the AI ​​cannot reach you – they will reach you and lose interest in you, in some case – they will stop and lose you from the visibility view (It also works if you get into any transport ). There are mostly single AIs, but they rarely can attack in a crowd. If you hear the roar of the AI, but it does not come to you, look around – there may be a hostile player nearby.


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