Survivalist Invisible Strain: Sneaking Guide

Sneak mechanic and it’s functions.


Sneaking mechanics

  • Sneaking reduces detection
  • You can sprint while sneaking
  • Sound, smell and sight can expose you
  • Bushes, obstacles and buildings work as cover
  • You can assassinate with a sharp weapon
  • You can choke out someone until they pass out
  • There exists no animation for blunt weapons
  • Clothes with the ‘Camo’ tag add one skill point to stealth
  • Wind direction can alert enemies depending on where you approach them

Sneaking up on zombies

Zombies can smell depending on wind direction.Zombies have bad ears and can’t detect
when people sprint while sneaking.
White zombies are immune to choking.

Sneaking up on humans

Humans cannot smell humans unlike zombies.
Humans have better ears, they can
detect up to level 3 sprint attempts
while sneaking.


Sneak Max:Fully undetected

Sneak null:Fully detected

See Detection:Noticed something in sight

Hear Detection:Heard something in range

Smell Detection:Smelled something with incoming wind direction

Confused State:Lost the target


Bushes count as cover, making forests the best place to sneak attack.

Knocking out the target

It drains stamina, adding difficulty if fitness level is low.
Knocked out targets can be bludgeoned or assassinated afterwards.
Knocked out targets can be picked up and looted.
Zombies can be knocked out too with the same options.
If armed with a blunt weapon, it will automatically unequip your weapon and switch to unarmed.


It’s less stamina taxing then choke holds.
Possible with sharp weapons.
Kills the target in one hit.
Possible on white zombies.
Very effective against zombies due to their inablity to hear well.

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