Sven Co-op: How to Use the Med Kits and Batteries

This is a guide on how to use the Med Kits and Batteries.


Medkit (Weapon)

This is the weapon version of the medkit, Pretty simple. Left click to heal, Right click and hold to revive.

Medkit (Item)

On the right side of the screenshot is the item version of the medkit. Either walk up to it, or press the E button to pick it up.

Medkit (Charger)

On the right is the Medkit (Charger variant) Simply press E and hold to charge your health.

Battery (Item)

On the left is the Battery, Either walk up to one or press E to grab it. Free easter egg: In Gordon’s locker press E to open it. There is a Battery inside.

Battery (Charger)

On the right is the H.E.V. charger. Walk up to it and hold E to Charge your H.E.V. armor level.

That’s all!

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