Sweet F. Cake Walkthrough

Welcome to Gamepretty, here is a walkthrough for the Sweet F. Cake game. this guide is translated by Google. if you have any problems. please let me know.



  • Apologize.
  • I was looking for you to apologize.
  • You know, you’re right, I’d rather wait for Alyona.
  • Will not say. Personally, I would say.
  • Go to Alena
  • Fascinate her with flirting. To support.
  • Volleyball: Alena.
  • Do not talk.
  • Suggest a walk.
  • Keep your word and take a walk with Alena.
  • Ask how Alena is doing.
  • Alyona.
  • Stop Alena.

  • We walk, we walk. Do you want with us?
  • If you don’t want to deprive me of the granite of science, we can sit at one desk. It is not known when Alena will return.
  • Maybe Katya, will you look at me anyway?
  • Leave Katie’s hand.
  • Go to Katya.
  • If you want, I will help you.
  • Kate.
  • To take off cowards too? I just didn’t wash for a week ….
  • Agree to help.
  • I agree with Katya. Some kind of icteric article.
  • Accept Katie’s offer.
  • Step up for Katya.
  • Kate.
  • Talk to Katya.
  • Protect Katie.

  • OK, let’s go for a walk.
  • You know you’re right. I’d rather wait for Alena.
  • Do not take.
  • Lisa?
  • Remove Katie’s hand and take Lisa’s hand.
  • Give her a cupcake.
  • Close eyes.
  • Look away.
  • Lisa.
  • Tell the secret of Alena.
  • On yours, of course!
  • Lisa and Lesha are right. Katya fully complies with this description.
  • Find Lisa and offer to take her home.
  • I have not decided what exactly I feel for you.
  • Be very late, but have time to pick flowers.
  • Ask Lisa for help.
  • Support Lisa.
  • Lisa.
  • I won’t go anywhere with you.
  • Talk to Lisa.

  • Artist. I play football well.
  • So I would definitely not have offended you!
  • Take the lead.
  • Perhaps massage would not hurt now.
  • Agree to the company of the girl.
  • About you.
  • Kiss.
  • Watson, good to see you in our ranks!
  • Go to Matilda and Lesha.
  • Insist on Judge Vic.
  • Volleyball: Matilda.
  • Help Matilda with a wall newspaper.
  • No, I am against publishing these photos. It’s humiliating.
  • Leave Alena and find out from Matilda the details.
  • Yes, you’re right, she could neglect her duties.
  • Distract with a kiss. Distract with talk about the snitch.
  • Yes.
  • Talk to Matilda.
  • Make accusations against Katya.

  • You’re right. Let’s take you to the clinic. How do you feel? Doesn’t your head spin? Arms and legs intact?
  • Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound rude.
  • Do you think if you have access to the dossier, the smartest here?
  • The other day I have a serious fight.
  • Plan “Escape and the Shawshank.”
  • I am against your choice.
  • Do not offer.
  • You are smart! (dialogue option is available if you follow Matilda and leave Alena)
  • Right. We will be friends at home.

IMPORTANT: The ending with Tina is possible only if the conditions for all the other endings are failed and if you do not go to the ending of the Lonely Hearts club


  • Stop staring and help gather the leaves.
  • I was confused and did not manage to write anything. But burning with the desire to retake!
  • Perhaps your answer is already ready and you do not need my excuses. Ready to humbly suffer punishment.
  • Not worth it, Vic. I myself.
  • I can help you find an apartment!
  • Because you are the most loving teacher in the world!
  • Want.

IMPORTANT: The ending with Natalya Viktorovna is possible only if you fail the ending with one of the main characters.

Club of Lonely Hearts

  • Search in portfolio. Panties Matilda.
  • You know you’re right. I’d rather wait for Alena. Take the textbook, study for health. Katy’s underpants.
  • Plan “Escape and the Shawshank.” Tina’s underpants.
  • Want. 21 with Natalya Viktorovna. Teacher’s cowards.

IMPORTANT: To get the ending of “CBS” you need to collect 4 pairs of underpants and fail the ending with the heroines, as well, this ending is possible only if you do not go to the ending of Tina.


  • To become a magician, you need to build a relationship with one of the four main characters, and then at the very end choose “reject and conduct a ritual.”

PS: If you want all the achievements of “Heartbreaker” you need to reject all the main characters, only after you receive the achievement “Eater of hearts” you will be given the achievement “Level 1000 Mage”

Dragging metal
  • Fence – 3 m / s
  • Landfill – 1 m / s
  • Stone – 5 m / s
  • Glade – 1 m / s
  • Tires – 3 m / s
  • Pigeons – speed up
  • Dog – slow down
  • Vlad – punch bag
Fight with Egor
  • No comments, pure random, do not try to remember the hits, each time they are different

Listen to Sensei Leshka and YES WILL BE WITH YOU SILUSHA

So you went through the game, congratulations!

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