Sweet Story Bad Girl: Hardcore Achievement Guide

Here is a guide for getting Hardcore achievement in the game Sweet Story Bad Girl.


Hardcore achievement

Hello! At first achievements can be unlocked in the main game. Not in the DLS.
(click on the checkmark in the management of additional content in the library and wait for game updating (1 min) without DLC).

If you, like me, love getting all achievements you could have, here is my guide on how you can get the latest Hardcore achievement in the game Sweet Story Bad Girl. I think, that it depends on using the hotkey (Ctrl + F) or completed the game by yourself.

If you have not used the combination to an easy win, it will be easier for you (just go through the game by yourself to the end), and if not, then read on. First you need to delete your previous saves
and all progress (unfortunately). Saves are located through this path – Local Disk (Drive C) / Users / “Username” / App Data / Lokal / SweetStoryBadGirl / User Data and delete everything in the User Data folder, but not the folder itself. (If files in folder AppData is hidden, you need to open (e.g. drive c), select the “View” tab. In the “Advanced Settings” section, select “Show Hidden Files, Folders, and Drives,” then click “OK.”).

Now we go into the game and go through all the unlocked levels ourselves (hardcore is hardcore).
When you get past the last level you will get a hardcore achivment. Profit.

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