Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack Achievements Guide

Here is a guide for you to get all achievements in Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack game.
Story Related
These cannot be missed

  • Amuse-Bouche – Level 1
  • Houston, we have a problem – Chapter 2
  • It Came From Outer Space – Chapter 3
  • Getting the Boot – Chapter 4
  • Eat the solar system – Final level
Medallion Achievements
To earn a medallion in a level, you will have to eat almost everything you can and get both of the Blob Friends. There is no time limit, and you can die as much as you like. However, you cannot always go back (like in pipes or in rooms with advancing lasers)

  • Not too Shabby – Earn a silver medallion or better in five levels
  • Golden Blob – Earn a gold medallion in every level
And the rest
  • Graduation Dinner – At the end of the Chapter 1, eat everyone at the graduation party
  • Delicious Magnetic Balls! – Right near the end of the last level of chapter five (Army Base level 20), you will see a spike pit with four small floating magnets above it. Jump across and consume them all for this one.
  • Jealous? – Go to leaderboards and check out the top score
  • Finally, monsieur, a wafer thin mint – Absorb 1,500 items. You will get this as you play.
  • Complete all mini-game levels – There are four mini games, one on each chapter.
  • Extinction – Eat all 10 of the escape pods in the final level
Blob Friends Forever
  • Blob Friends Forever – Each level has two Blob Friends to find (except the mini games which have one)

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