Tannenberg: All Achievements Guide 2020

In this guide I’ll try to explain how to get every achievement in Tannenberg.
It shouldn’t take long to get them all, whether you have fps experience or not.
Keep in mind that some of them require you to play for a few hours to meet the required levels.


Basic ones

You will earn most of these achievements by just playing.


Immovable Object
Shoot an enemy while being suppressed or shaken by artillery.

You’re being suppressed when the audio gets muffled and you only hear gunshots or your screen starts to shake when you’re close to an artillery strike.
‎Get a while one of these two is happening.

Gavrilo Princip
Get the first kill in a match.
Rush through the middle and you should be able to get the first kill.

Make 5 kills within the first two minutes of the match.
Shouldn’t be too hard, run towards the middle and you should be able to spot some players/bots coming. Even if you end up dying, you just need 5 kills within 2min.

Get a kill while injured.
Very easy to get, your screen will glow red on the edges when you’re injured. Get a kill.

Kill an enemy while shooting through an object.
Many of the fences in the game are easy to shoot through, wait till someone is walking behind them and kill them.

Hawk Eye
Get a kill from 150m.

Best map to get this on is probably Carpathians as you can use the hills to see over most of the map.
Use /shootdebug true in the chat to see how much damage you’re doing and the distance.

Disable it with /shootdebug false.

Lucky Shot
Damage two enemies with one bullet.

Try to line up 2 enemies (best done with bots) and headshot the first one. ‏‏‎‎If you’ve done it correctly you should kill the first one and deal some damage to the second ‏‏‎one.


Before the Leaves Fall
Be the first to get killed by an enemy in a game.
Simply run through the middle and be “lucky” to get killed.

Your Family Will Be Proud…
Die from falling down.
In the map Galicia you will find some rocks between the sectors Armoured Train and Destroyed Encampment. Simply jump down and you should die after a few attempts.

In a single life, take damage from melee attacks and gun shots from a player or players, before being killed by someone entirely different.

This one probably happens by accident, atleast it did for me.
‎‏‏‎The best thing you can do is get close to a bot so it uses his melee weapon, once you’re hit ‎‏‏‎either kill the bot or take a few steps back so the bot switches to his gun. After you got hit ‏‏‎by both, find another bot or player and get killed by them.

Die 10 seconds after spawning.
After you respawn run in the open and die or if there is a artillery going be “lucky” to get hit.

Skynet Confirmed
Get killed by bots 50 times.
Just play on a server with mostly bots and you should get it easily.

Get killed by your own grenade.

The Grenadier (4th class) has grenades, however there are a few other classes that have grenades (mostly loadouts that you have to unlock first). Simply stand over your own grenade and die.

Key related

Information is Key
Have a look at the overview map.
Press M to open up the map.

Don’t Be Shy!
Used voice chat.
Press V to use voice chat.

Boosing Around
Issue 10 command orders.

To issue commands you need to press X and choose the order button (top one).
Do this 10 times succesfully and you will get it.
(NOTE: I’m not sure if this works with every class or only if you’re playing Squad Leader)

Talk Much?
Used voice commands 50 times.
Keep pressing X and select a voice command.

Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers!
Check out the credits screen.
From the Main Menu, go to Options and on the right side next to Audio you’ll see Credits. Press it and you should get it.

At Least This Way I Can Win…
Start a private match.
Press Play, then start a Custom match and put a password on it.

Kill specific


Chop off someone’s limbs with a sword.
Swords are used by the following factions:

  • Frontovik – NCO first loadout
  • Cossacks – Almost every loadout except Support tier 1+2 & Grenadier tier 1
  • K.u.K. Trupp – NCO first loadout

Find an enemy and melee them, you should get it.

Living on the Edge
Kill 3 people with a sabre in an enemy held capture zone.
Pick one of the factions from the Butcher achievement above. Kill 3 players with the sword.

Get 10 kills with swords.
Simply get 10 kills using the sword, can be done across multiple games.

To Arms! To Arms!
Using a sword, kill an opponent who is also using a sword.

This is pretty hard to get against other players. Best way to get this is to start a private match with the following settings:

  • Easy bots
  • Frontovik vs K.u.K Trupp

Now simply pick Frontovik (Entente side) and use the first class, it should have a sword. Find a bot that is wielding a pistol and get up close. Now you either get melee hit with his pistol or if you’re lucky he will switch to a sword. Once that happens kill him with your sword and you should get it.
Takes a few tries.

Seeing is Believing
Club someone to death with binoculars.
As NCO you are able to use your binoculars to mark specific areas, use your binoculars and melee someone. It should take 2 hits so it’s best to get the first hit from behind.

Heavy Machine Gun

This is MY machine gun!
Kick a bot off of a heavy machine gun.
Pretty easy, just wait till a friendly bot picks up the HMG and melee them off.

Stronghold Denied
Kill an enemy soldier manning a heavy machine gun with a head shot.
HMG’s are mostly located inside capture zones, wait for an enemy to use them and headshot them.

Kill 10 people with a heavy machine gun in a single life.
If you have a hard time getting this, you might want to switch to a server with mostly bots. You don’t have to keep sitting on the HMG, just need 10 kills without dying.

Lead Harvest
Kill 25 enemies with a HMG.
Simply use the HMG when you’re able too. Can be achieved across multiple matches.

Air strikes

From Russia with Hate
Kill 25 enemies with artillery as the Entente Powers.

For this you need to level up your Frontovik squad level a bit. To level up your squad level you have to earn xp by playing the objective and having the same 3 teammates to quickly raise your overall level. Capturing or spawning on teammates gives extra xp towards your squad level.
At level 20 you get medium shells and at level 60 you get heavy shells.
Use the medium or heavy Putilov Shells and get 25 kills.

Pure Krupp Steel
Kill 25 enemies with artillery as the Central Powers.

Same as From Russia with Hate but for the K.u.K. Trupp.
You unlock the Feldkanone Shells at level 20 and 60.
Use either one and get 25 kills.

Phone It In
Get 50 artillery kills using trench phones.
As NCO, when you get the chance simply use whatever artillery is available. Doesn’t matter which one, you just need 50 kills total.

Kill 4 enemies with a single grenade or call in.
Either throw a grenade (using Grenadier) inside a capture zone from the enemies or use an airstrike as NCO.

Cheeki Breeki
As Frontovik, while crouched, get 3 grenade kills.
Throw a grenade inside an enemy capture zone or spawnpoint and hope for the best.
I got this by accident.


Crack Shot
Exhaust all your revolver ammo without missing a shot.
Most of Squad Leaders have a revolver in their first loadout. Take your time and make every bullet count.

Squad or NCO related

These achievements have something to do with your squad or specific roles.
Every squad is listed in the same order:

  • 1. NCO or Squad Leader
  • 2. Assault
  • 3. Support
  • 4. Grenadier

Together As One
Be part of the top scoring squad in a match.

You get points by capturing objectives, denying objectives and getting kills.
You get extra points if you kill enemies inside the zones or when teammates are near you.

Democracy Works!
Have your entire squad agree on a vote to change the squad name or type.

When you’re in the match press Esc, go to Squad and on the left side under Squad tab press Change. You get a window where you can either change the faction and/or squad name:

Once your squad agrees, you’ll get the achievement.


NCO / Squad Leader

Kill 5 NCO’s in a match.

NCO’s or Squad Leaders (SL) are the players that can call in air support, smoke or recon planes.
Depending on if the SL is a player or a bot, the weapon loadout can change.
Bots always carry a pistol, while players are able to unlock 2 other loadouts for a rifle.
If you’re able to get enough kills in a match, you shouldn’t have a problem getting 5 NCO’s killed.

Get 7 squad spawns on a single life as NCO.
For this you have to be patient and wait near an objective.
Once some of your squad mates die, they will hopefully respawn on you.

Ring Ring!
Call in Artillery or Recon from a sector.
You should see a phone icon inside the capture point, use it to call in either artillery or recon support.


These 2 are pretty RNG to get, so if you happen to get either message on screen make sure to accept them.

Switch, Please!
Perform a role switch.

For this to work you have to be asked to switch roles, not be the one to ask.
If you’re having problems getting this, you might want to ask your team if they want to role switch.
The message is located at the bottom when someone asks you.

Equality For All
Switch to other team when asked for autobalance.

When there is a difference of 3 or more between the teams, a message will pop up asking for players to switch, if nothing happens the game will end up asking you (or someone else) to switch teams. You will see this at the bottom of your screen:

Ignore the other message (on the top-left) asking if someone wants to switch teams, this one doesn’t trigger the achievement.


These ones are objective related and some require you to be in a capture zone.

Close Call
Win a game with a points difference of 100 or less.

Either have a balanced matched and win at the end or go into a private match and capture the sectors then switch teams and wait till the point difference is less than 100.

Strength in Numbers
Capture an enemy sector alongside 10 or more other people.
Just like the achievement says, capture a sector when there are more than 10 players next to you.

Anyone Else?
Kill 4+ enemies in a capture zone.
While capturing a sector, kill atleast 4 enemies.

Steady Supply
Resupply your ammo.

Every sector has atleast 1 resupply point or you can find a support and resupply by them.
(Every squad is listed in the same order: 1 Squad Leader, 2 Assault, 3 Support, ‏‏‎‎‏‏‎‎‎4 Grenadier.)

This Belongs to Us Now
Capture 10 enemy sectors.
Keep playing the objective and you will eventually get this.
Doesn’t have to be in one game.

Cut off at least 3 enemy sectors.
Capture zones that surround an enemy sector, the middle sector or edges are probably the easiest.

Visit every sector in a Maneuver match.

Maneuver is the main gamemode where you take control of capture points.
Easiest way to visit all sectors is to be on a team that capturing most points and simply run inside the last few. Should unlock it after walking inside the last sector.

Forward Observer
Make a successful retreat

Once the enemy has captured the zone you’re currently standing in, you will get a message popup telling you to retreat to your own zone or you will die after a few seconds.
‎‏‏‎‎‎Once you get inside your own zone again, the achievement will unlock.

Lost Batallion
Become cut-off in a sector.
Capture a sector that is surrounded by enemy sectors. Once you’ve captured it, let the enemy team capture the sector that is left from being cut-off.

Win / Lose

For the Emperor
Win 10 games as the Central Powers.

Win 10 matches with 1 of the following factions:

  • Bulgarians
  • Infanterie
  • K.u.K. Trupp

From Russia with Love
Win 10 matches as the Entente Powers.

Win 10 matches with 1 of the following factions:

  • Cossacks
  • Frontovik
  • Roumanians
  • Latvian Rifleman

Express to Petrograd
Playing as the Central Powers, capture the enemy HQ.

Road to Berlin
Playing as the Entente Powers, capture the enemy HQ.

Both achievements can be earned by capturing the HQ after you’ve captured the 2 sectors directly connected to the HQ. It’s way easier to get it as Central Powers as they probably have better gear.
If you’re having trouble capturing them, go into a private match and do it there.


Win 25 Gold Medals.
You’ll earn Gold (or Elite) medals when you get one of the following things in the game:

Longest killstreak
Most offensive capture zone kills
Most headshots
Most defensive capture zone kills
Most kills
Most offensive capture zone kills in key sectors
Best kill/death ratio over 10 kills
Most defensive capture zone kills in key sectors
Best squad of the match
Most offensive capture zone kills in HQ sector
Best player
Most defensive capture zone kills in HQ sector
Most key sector captures

You can find them all when you go to Account and to the tab Medals.
Key sectors are displayed with a star inside the capture zone.

Weather condition

The following achievements are unlocked by playing in specific weather conditions.
You can see the weather condition in the top left corner under the current playercounter when joining a match.

Fog of War
Complete a match on a foggy map.

Complete a match on a snowy map.

Night Owl
Complete a match on a night map.

I’ve Seen It All
Fight in every weather condition.

You will get this one after finishing a match in each of the following weather conditions:
Clouded, Dawn, Foggy, Moonlit/Night, Overcast, Snowy & Sunny.



Specializations are the extra loadout slots for each class in the specific factions.
For this you need to play the mode Maneuver. When you see the map, press escape and go into the Squad tab.
You will find the roles and loadouts on the left side, unlock all loadouts for each role to unlock the specific achievement.
To unlock the specializations you need career points, these are earned by leveling up your account.

Entente Powers

Za veru, Tsarya i otechestvo
Unlock all specializations for the Cossacks.

S nami Bog!
Unlock all specializations for the Frontovik.

Pulcējaties zem latviešu karogiem!
Unlock all specializations for the Latvians.

Pe aici nu se trece
Unlock all specializations for the Roumanians.

Central Powers

Na Nozh!
Unlock all specializations for the Bulgarians.

Gott Mit Uns
Unlock all specializations for the Infanterie.

Indivisibiliter ac Inseparabiliter
Unlock all specializations for the K.u.K. Trupp.

Once you’ve unlocked all loadouts for every role, you should get the achievement.

Play as “faction” on “map”

Playing as the Infanterie, win a battle in East Prussia.
Vote for Infanterie when playing on East Prussia and win the battle.

Playing as the K.u.K, lose a battle in the Carpathians.
Vote for the K.u.K. Trupp when playing on Carpathians, lose the battle.

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