Team Fortress 2: Automated Tacobot Detection Tool

A guide on how to set up the automated tacobot user detection.


Introduction and download links

This guide explains how to set up a tool that detects and displays potential tacobot members in your current game.

Tacobot itself should be known for pretty uncooperative and pretty much toxic. You wouldn’t want to deal with that, right?
That’s where pazer’s TF2 Bot Detector tool comes in handy. WIth custom lists it is possible to tag tacobot users and members.

Things you need to download:
The pazer TF2 Bot Detector:
My custom tacobot player blacklist:
(Optional if the application won’t run) Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable: x64[]x86[]

Note: This tool does not trigger VAC Bans. This tool does not inject into team fortress 2. Please read the documentations of TF2 Bot Detector for further informations.

Setup – Part 1

  • Download all the stuff provided above
  • Extract the content of “tf2_bot_detector_x(86/64) into a seperate folder.

  • Put “playerlist.tacobot.json” into (tf2 bot detector folder)/cfg

  • Make sure Team Fortress 2 is fully closed
  • Then run “tf2_bot_detector.exe”

Setup – Part 2

  • If done correctly, this window should pop up
  • If not, try starting the application with admin privileges

  • Customize it to your likings and then click on the “Launch TF2” Button.
  • After the game has booted up, maximize the window of the application to access all the settings.

  • I’d recommend to disable chat warnings and auto votekick (unless you’re playing in a group of 4 people)

If done correctly, the application should look like this ingame

  • member and users get marked as yellow instead of green, so keep that in mind.

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